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While the focus has been on its great rival Alibaba, there is growing evidence that Tencent is ramping up its Australian presence. Most recently, it hosted events to educate local businesses on the opportunity to connect with Chinese tourists and businesses via its WeChat platform — the first time it

In the days leading up to Alibaba’s enormous Double 11 sale, more widely known as Singles’ Day, vitamin business Blackmores took out a giant ad in Times Square to promote “Australia’s most trusted brand.” The ASX-listed company doesn’t sell its products in the United States but used the premium New

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The level of digital upheaval is growing around the world with a big increase in the number of board members who believe their organisations are being disrupted.  41 per cent of directors, up from 31 per cent last year, acknowledged the impact in the Harvey Nash/Alumni board report, released in London

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Amazon has told its local marketplace partners it plans to launch its Australian offering this Thursday at 2pm, according to sources familiar with the matter. Which-50 understands only a limited number of products will be available to a limited group of customers, allowing the ecommerce giant to test its systems


Alibaba’s $25 billion Singles’ Day sale shone a spotlight on the potential of the Chinese market for international retailers and brands. Which-50 discussed the Alibaba opportunity with several experts, who said while many companies had already got in on the act, a huge opportunity remained. “Australia had it’s best performance to date