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Chatbots and the conversations they facilitate are creating troves of new customer data. Leaders are already using this data to create opportunities for marketing, according to James Kraeutler, VP of the ISV and technology alliance program at Genesys. However, successfully leveraging these new marketing opportunities requires avoiding a common technology

IBM is getting out of martech. The IT giant announced on Friday that it is offloading its remaining marketing and commerce solutions to private equity firm, Centerbridge Partners L.P, in order to focus on other strategic technologies, including AI, hybrid cloud, SaaS and, in particular, supply chain. Just a few

Nobody likes Nazis. Even Nazis aren’t super keen to be associated with them, which is why euphemisms like “ethno-nationalist” and “right-wing extremist” start trending whenever some white supremacist mouth-breather breaks into the news cycle. Increasingly, however, white supremacist mouth-breathers are the news cycle. From genuine monsters, live-streaming mass atrocities in

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Global success these days is more spectacular, but that success comes at a steep price for everyone else, according to new research from the McKinsey and Company’s McKinsey Global Institute. Profits are becoming much more concentrated among the few and the trend has grown worse in the last two decades.


The enterprise technology market is in a bubble, distorted by cash from venture capital hoping the companies they back will win the greatest share of the market. That’s the view of Sridhar Vembu CEO of Zoho, an enterprise software company he founded in India in 1996. “If you look at



Cloud Computing
Google Cloud announces new hybrid platform, Australia Post partnership
How organisations can embed ethics in data science and AI
AMSRO Launches New Best Practice Privacy Initiatives


Woolworths offers two-hour delivery in Brisbane
Zoho Commerce Plus
Zoho launches Commerce platform
Alphabet’s Wing Launches Drone Delivery Service in Canberra

Industrial Internet

Case study: Downer EDI implements Azure IoT to support predictive train maintenance
AI is unlocking a booming warehouse automation market
Fortescue Metals Group set to open autonomous vehicle research centre