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Internet use surged around the world during the pandemic but the traffic growth is being outstripped by a rise in malicious actors and cyber attacks, according to Akamai. The company, whose servers deliver a large portion of the content on the internet, on Wednesday warned bad actors are being attracted

Build it yourself, establish a skills pipeline and pay public servants market rates. That’s how Singapore built world leading digital capabilities within government, according to one of its architects, Chan Cheow Hoe. Chan, the Chief Digital Technology Officer of Singapore’s Government Technology Agency says developing digital capabilities and services in

C-suite executives say COVID-19 has accelerated their digital plans by as much as a decade in a matter of months, according to a poll by McKinsey & Company.  The digitisation of an organisation’s offerings accelerated by seven years on average around the world because of COVID-19 and subsequent restrictions, according

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Okta CEO Todd McKinnon

The South Australian Department for Education has selected the Okta Identity Cloud to securely manage access to essential educational applications for approximately 280,000 staff and students. The education department’s consultancy partner Insync Solutions selected Okta to underpin the Department’s EdPass project — delivering a simplified and secure login experience to


Optimism is rising as new vaccines come online to tackle COVID-19 but now employers are faced with the challenge of ensuring a safe, legal, and successful transition to life beyond the lockdown. That means putting in place the workplace safety and compliance environments to ensure their business is not the


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