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Boards lack the diversity needed to integrate current digital thinking and emerging business models into their strategy. They are also struggling with the pace of change, and the contradictory requirements to act more quickly while also thinking more long-term. That’s our take out from the panel discussion that accompanied the

Like many professionals, medical executives would be forgiven for believing that a huge wave of Artificial Intelligence fueled transformation is about to disrupt everything about the way they work, and earn a living. The truth, as ever,  is a little more sanguine. Of all the professions, healthcare is likely one

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Compliance is a growing concern for marketers but risks can be minimised with good marketing operations, according to Jon Williams, senior vice president international, Aprimo. “Most marketers work under some form of compliance, and really what we try and do with good marketing operations is to make that as easy

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Eastland way finding app

Shopping centre landlord QIC says it has increased the value of its property portfolio following a three year digital transformation project to improve customer experience and business operations. A total of 14 of QIC’s shopping centres, including Melbourne’s Eastland, are now equipped with digital and IoT assets designed to deliver


Most companies are capturing only a fraction of the potential value of big data and analytics according to a report from McKinsey and Company. Despite this the impact of data science on business is already clear. “Data and analytics are already shaking up multiple industries, and the effects will only



Big data is delivering but potential goes untapped: McKinsey
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Sydney start-up Hyper Anna raises $16 million
LinkedIn loses bid to stop startup scraping its public data


Eastland way finding app
Digital Transformation Improves Property Asset Values for QIC
Australia to regulate bitcoin under anti-Terror financing laws
Open APIs to Transform the Payments Sector