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This is the final installment of the China Digital Playbook, an ongoing series authored by digital transformation experts Marcelo Silva and Paul Shetler. Chinese digital competition has grown enormously over the last decade, and looks likely to kick into exponential pace. That means that it has never been more wrong

Marketing leaders are increasingly measured by their contribution to their company’s revenues and less on traditional campaign metrics. However, a significant number still struggle to define and validate the level of their contribution according to a new study of over 400 local marketers. The Marketo research report called  “Can You Demonstrate

While Australia’s banks may be focussing their attention on an impending royal commission, another potential disruption looms. Open banking promises to set free customer data and invite a host of new financial players into an industry starved of competition. It’s a system already gaining traction in the UK, Europe and

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The American Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has voted 3-2 to repeal net neutrality rules – a 2015 Obama administration policy which prevented American ISPs from slowing or blocking websites. Critics argue the decision opens the way for ISPs to create a ‘pecking order’ for websites and corporations. Certain websites and


Shares in retargeting business Criteo fell off the cliff today after it became apparent that the impact of Apple’s Intelligent Tracking Prevention (ITP) solution in its Safari browser could be much more than the 10-12 per cent figure the French based Nasdaq listed company initially indicated. ITP limits the ability