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Hundreds of thousands of Australians are circumventing a suppression order issued by the Victorian County Court in a high-profile criminal case. Thousands more Australians appear to be directly in breach of the order, according to an analysis of web and social media data conducted by Which-50. The order was issued

The end of the year is fast approaching which means it’s time to take a look back on the year that was and publish a list or two*. In the coming weeks we will be sharing some of our favourite stories of the year but first Which-50 wants to know

It is a fairly binary question: should paedophiles have an absolute right to privacy? Should those who would do the community harm through acts of mass murder be allowed to operate free from digital harassment by law enforcement and intelligence services? Sign up for Which-50’s Irregular Insights newsletter And if

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In July 2018 Which-50 secretly erased men from our coverage. Overall traffic declined, our social presence evaporated and readers suffered from a diminished product. Then we told the world about it, publishing an account of our experiment called No Man’s Land and commissioning author John Birmingham to write an accompanying


For consumers there are now so many services that compete for their money every day. For brands, engagement is more important than ever which means every experience they provide needs to be personal, memorable and effective. This is the reason why delivering world class customer experiences across all channels and