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The principle objection of consumers is not with advertising, it's with the surveillance.

Consumers repudiate and recoil from a central organising principle of modern marketing: that brands can — and do — target advertising and other messages at them based on their web browsing behaviour and other personal data. Participants in the global digital marketing ecosystem have convinced themselves that consumers are thoroughly

Our cover story this week on consumer attitudes to data surveillance clearly hit a nerve. The reaction of many industry leaders we contacted in preparation for our report speaks volumes — many bolted for the exit as soon as they saw the questions. Perhaps they watched Mark Zuckerberg and his executives

As digital ad revenue is diverted to Google and Facebook, big publishers are embracing subscription revenue, enforced by paywalls online, with new enthusiasm. However business models are far from figured out. Global publishers operating in Australia are also increasingly turning to analytics to better understand their audience in an effort

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Total spend on online advertising in Australia has continued to grow but is beginning to taper off, according to the latest data from ACMA, which also shows Australians are increasingly using digital technology to communicate. Register now for Which-50’s webinar on the disruptive impact of chatbots Traditional media markets continue to

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Only 28 per cent of Australian enterprises have a company-wide strategy for sharing data which is hindering their ability to successfully orchestrate customer experience (CX) projects, according a a new study. Furthermore, 37 per cent of Australian organisations said that between 20-40 per cent or more of their CX projects