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Organisations that want to be truly data-driven need to change their approach depending on the scenario, as not all data projects are equal in the eyes of company leaders. A recent SAP report, Challenges for Analytics as Data-Driven Enterprises Chase Scale, explains how it is easier to get approval for customer-facing projects rather

Consumer expectations and behaviours are changing more rapidly than enterprise technology, forcing retailers to rethink how they design and architect their technology stacks to differentiate their offerings and avoid racking up technical debt. One approach to this conundrum, which is gaining more airtime in conferences and discussions between vendors, consultants,

Modern inventory systems have come close to perfecting the just-in-time ideal, whether delivering rubber window wiper blades to the manufacturing floor of a Toyota plant at just the right moment, or filling the hot chicken cabinet at your local Woolworths with only so much cheap and tasty, high fat protein

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Steven Worrall, managing director, Microsoft Australia

The Australian Government has signed a three-year agreement with Microsoft Australia to provide access to its cloud-based products for 98 federal agencies. The new volume sourcing agreement negotiated through the Digital Transformation Agency makes Microsoft 365 available to all Federal Government agencies on a cost-effective basis,  the company said. Sign


Car subscription and trading platform Carbar has raised $16.8 million from insurance company IAG and private investors. IAG is now the majority shareholder in the three-year-old business, which it says will help it to better understand changing mobility trends and provide new sources of value to its customers. Sign up



Steven Worrall, managing director, Microsoft Australia
Microsoft signs new cloud agreement with Australian Government
IAG acquires majority stake in subscription auto business Carbar
Buy now, pay later payments are on the rise

Digital Marketing

Why Customers Leave – and What to Do
State of the Connected Customer: Engagement trends you need to know
Cheetah Digital, Wayin logos
Cheetah Digital acquires Wayin to drive first-party data collection


Digital wallets driving strong growth in mobile money transfers
Alipay launches Melbourne City Card to connect businesses with Chinese tourism market
Alexa, When is Amazon Prime Day 2019?

Industrial Internet

Australia’s first connected vehicles trial begins on Victorian roads
China will shortly be the biggest market for autonomous cars
digital city business transformation
Transforming a large organisation needs two perspectives