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Retargeting platform Criteo has been smashed in two new reports. The first was written by an ad fraud consultancy called Method Media Intelligence and the second by financial analysts Gotham City Research (GCR), which sought to validate the MMI study based on its own analysis. As a result of that

Fintech technology and Blockchain network concept , Distributed ledger technology connect wireframe and cloud globe furnished by NASA with blue building background and text.

Cryptocurrencies have seen significant attention recently in the media due to their tremendous growth over the past year. The Cryptocurrency market has risen from US$10 billion at the beginning of the year, to US$160 billion today, reflecting a 1,500% increase in value and with Bitcoin growth contributing to a large

Marketers in the retail sector understand that delivering excellent and consistent customer experiences is critical. Increasingly they are utilising digital asset management strategies to do so. At an Aprimo Executive Breakfast event hosted at the ADMA Global Forum, leading marketing professionals discussed the challenges and opportunities facing modern marketers. Following

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A virtual assistant which aims to help users navigate the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) faces an uncertain future following reports that the projected has stalled. The ABC yesterday reported the rollout of AI assistant, known as ‘Nadia’ and voiced by Cate Blanchett, has been put on ice amid political

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Chinese search engine Baidu will invest $1.5 billion in autonomous driving projects over the next three years. The Apollo Fund will be used to advance the self-driving industry, an area Baidu has invested heavily in over recent years. Sign up for Which-50’s Irregular Insights newsletter This week Baidu also announced