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The importance of digital channels for business is no longer in dispute as more and more companies are finding their audiences online. For the past seven years, Adobe has conducted an annual survey to explore trends and priorities in digital marketing and understand where the market is headed. Unsurprisingly, we

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Sentient machines, neural laces, AI that can beat the world’s best poker players. Wave after wave of developments and news about automation, artificial intelligence, robots and the dawn of another industrial revolution where “30 per cent of human jobs in the next 15 years” will be lost to inexorable developments

We have the technology. According to a McKinsey report, technology is now at a point that marketers can effectively deliver real-time personalisation. The pay off they say is improved customer experiences and ultimately, real returns for businesses. Sign up for Which-50’s Irregular Insights newsletter “It can boost total sales by 15

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Southeast Asian online marketplace Lazada, owned by Alibaba, is joining forces with Uber and Netflix to launch a new digital loyalty program in Singapore. The membership program, LiveUp, gives members access to rewards and discounts on online shopping, food delivery and Uber rides, as well as a free 6-month Netflix

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ANZ will offer clients voice biometrics to improve security on mobile devices for transactions worth more than a thousand dollars. From the middle of this year, customers transferring these larger amounts through ANZ’s mobile apps will be able to use their voice to automatically authorise high-value payments. Sign up for



Aussie Airbnb chief applauds NSW Government announcement
VPN, security, data
VPNs become even more important as ISPs start collecting customer metadata
Commbank Developing Quantum Computer Simulator


DeakinDigital becomes DeakinCo to train future workforces
Former NAB exec Gavin Slater appointed DTA boss
Brian Hartzer Westpac CEO
Adaptability is the key to longevity, says Westpac CEO

Digital Marketing

The F8 of Digital Advertising Rests with Facebook and Google
Marketo acquires ToutApp to bring sales and marketing closer together
The Good News About CMOs and Data Driven Marketing


Lazada, Uber and Netflix team up in Singapore
voice recording mobile
ANZ will Introduce Mobile Voice Biometrics for High-Value Transactions
music streaming
Blockchain-Based Direct-to-Fan Music Platform to launch in May

Industrial Internet

car crash
The school of hard knocks: driverless cars should learn lessons from crashes
Graham Kerr and Jeff Immelt
GE inks digital deal with Australian miner
Australians warming to driverless vehicles: Survey