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Organisations undergoing change grapple with a myriad of challenges. But more often than not at the heart of the change is the customer, according to Ben Sharp, head of revenue and operations ANZ at Pureprofile. Understanding that and embracing customer experience is key to any transformation, according to Sharp. Leadership Webinar:

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Banks may be able to leverage IoT to identify new services and revenue streams as traditional business models come under threat. However, the financial services industry (FSI) hasn’t recognising the significance of IoT, which is reflected in the amount it is investing in the emerging technology, according to Gartner. Speaking

The word ‘influencer’ sometimes brings to mind the image of a model laying on the beach holding some kind of weight supplement — but that isn’t always the case. Influencers can range from ambassadors to content creators, to those with knowledge on a niche subject. It’s a cost effective way

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For utilities companies, digital transformation means finding ways to improve operational efficiencies while driving innovation to deliver a better customer experience. Three years ago Gartner predicted that 80 per cent of processes and products will be reinvented, digitised or eliminated by 2020.  It feels like we’re well on the way


November is increasingly a crunch-month for retailers with online sales such as Click Frenzy, Black Friday and Cyber Monday embedding themselves in the consumer and merchant mindset. Add to that the global impact of Singles Day in China and it’s easy to see why the month is such an important