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Simple conversion rates are not enough to measure true marketing return on investment, says Aprimo’s Chief Product Officer, Kevin Souers, suggesting marketers instead map out the entire customer journey if they want to fully understand where their money is working hardest. Traditional methods of measuring marketing success generally direct every

It doesn’t matter how fantastic or disruptive your product is, you can’t succeed in digital without strong leadership and culture. Just look at Uber. To help quantify the impact of talent and culture in today’s business environment, digital measurement company DT Scoring has launched a new benchmarking system designed to

Whole Foods Market

Amazon.com will pay Whole Foods’ shareholders US$42.00 per share in cash, a 27 percent premium to the closing share price prior to the announcement and will assume all of Whole Foods’ debt. Whole Foods is one the portfolio companies in our Healthy Lifestyle Fund, a company whose brand and ethos of healthy eating

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As the Automatic Teller Machine (ATM) celebrates its 50th birthday, it’s actually being used less and less to withdraw cash in Australia. There are currently more than 32,000 ATMs across Australia and cash withdrawals in February 2017 were A$9,924 million, down 10 per cent from the previous year and just


Fintech companies are now providing consumers with higher levels of positive customer experiences than banks. That is according to the recent Capgemini World Retail Banking Report 2017, which states non-traditional firms are gaining acceptance and are better able to meet consumers raising expectations. “The new wave of digital banks and



ATM, banking
The ATM celebrates 50 years but we’re using it less
Accenture and Microsoft Create Blockchain Prototype for Identity
AI can boost profit 38 per cent: Accenture


marketing, agile
The Rise of the Chief Marketing Technologist
Australia Post Parcel lockers
Blackmores CEO named new Aussie Post Boss
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Digital Marketing

marketing, agile
The Rise of the Chief Marketing Technologist
marketing roi
Video: How Do Marketers Best Measure ROI?
digital leadership
Customer care must match customer’s digital lives: McKinsey


Nielsen and McKinsey partner to share FMCG data
File, data, transparency
DGA launches Code of conduct for data governance
Big Data Set to Get Much Bigger by 2021


Fintechs surpass banks in customer experience: Report
Australia Post Parcel lockers
Blackmores CEO named new Aussie Post Boss
Data science in Retail — from spreadsheets to boardrooms

Industrial Internet

The Internet of Things explained & how to benefit from it
Connected Cars: V2X Ecosystem Beginning to Take Shape
GE unveils new Industrial Internet Applications