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  One of the key impacts of a cyber breach is damage to the brand’s reputation and a loss of trust between the consumer and the business. In CyberArk’s recent executive panel event, Samuel Stuart, Director of Digital Identity at Mastercard discusses the importance of clear messaging and communication with

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Cybersecurity company FireEye’s M-Trends 2021 report reveals that Asia Pacific is falling behind when it comes to responding to network intrusions by remote attackers. The report investigates the cybersecurity challenges that organisations faced this year as a result of the wide-scale move to remote working and the increased adoption of

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Cyber Security has a new enforcer, stalking the dark corners of the web and taking matters into their own hands. Last week, cyber security firm Sophos identified a rather fascinating cyberattack campaign that targets users of pirated software with malware, designed to block access to web sites hosting pirated software.

The only way to get Boards to take cyber security seriously, it seems, is by bringing it back to the bottom line. Which-50 recently hosted a panel event with CyberArk interrogating this very theme, and according to panellist Jim McKerlie, CEO of enterprise performance management SaaS platform Kendo, it’s a

Directors do not need to understand all the intricacies of cybersecurity, but they do need to understand the business impacts as well as the level of risks they are willing to accept.  And that is where they should direct their research and their questions, says Thomas Fikentscher, Regional Director ANZ,

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In recent weeks, news broke of another major phishing scam involving an unknown threat group targeting senior Australian diplomats in an identity theft scheme. The plan was to impersonate the diplomats on encrypted messaging services Telegram and WhatsApp, with the intent of collecting information from their contact books, as reported

The recent spate of cyber-attacks affecting Channel Nine, hospitals in Melbourne’s East and Parliament are indicative of escalating intent and motivation by foreign state-based actors and cyber-criminals to disrupt, steal, or deny access to data. The situation effects many organisations and businesses that supply or support critical infrastructure and services.

An interactive mapping tool was launched today to track the state of the Australian cyber security job market in real time. Currently, the tool shows demand for cyber skills in Australia is far outstripping supply creating a “dangerous shortage” of local skills. CyberSeek launched Tuesday as a joint initiative between

Accenture has acquired Context Information Security, a cyber defense consultancy, from Babcock International Group. Financial terms were not disclosed. Founded in 1998 and headquartered in London, Context provides high-end cyber defence, intelligence-driven red team, vulnerability research and incident response services. They have been involved in handling some of the most

As the world sees the distribution of billions of smart devices, and literally trillions of new sensors, the current computing paradigms will struggle to meet the needs of new applications in such an environment. Edge computing is emerging as part of the solution. In the edge computing model, programming and