Zoho has launched its first out-of-the-box vertical solution, an omnichannel commerce platform called Commerce Plus.

Unveiled at the company’s Zoholics event in Austin this week, the commerce platform is built on top of Zoho’s existing platform, offering native integrations into Zoho’s front and back end systems.

The company argues the advantage of building on top of an already integrated platform means the basic ecommerce system can be up and running in days, not weeks or months.

“You shouldn’t have to spend months to put together a system like this, it should just work,” said  Raju Vegesna, Zoho’s Chief Evangelist.

The platform utilises Zoho’s existing checkout, inventory, CRM and site apps, as well as its finance and analytics products.

Zoho will be launching Concierge for commerce, a one day jumpstart service, that allows businesses to set up and configure a commerce business for a flat fee of US$1,000.

“In a single day we should be able to get your entire business up and running with all of these integrations, it shouldn’t take months or years,” Vegesna said.

By centrally managing inventory, Commerce Plus allows businesses to sell online through their own ecommerce store, third-party marketplaces and brick-and-mortar storefronts.

The product offers built-in store templates which can be personalised for each visitor. For example, a user with an IP address in the Northern Hemisphere could be shown a homepage with summer clothing while a shopper from the Southern Hemisphere would see a winter fashion.

Commerce Plus is integrated with more than 40 global shipping providers, enabling businesses to create shipping labels directly from the software. Items can be shipped from either a single location or multiple warehouses.

Outside the Zoho product line, customers can add third party integrations using its integration platform Zoho Flow.

Zoho Analytics offers pre-built dashboards, as well as visibility into visitor behaviour on the  ecommerce store, including heat maps and scroll maps.

The platform also includes the company’s AI engine Zia which can answers natural language questions such as: “What are my most popular items in Canada?”. AI is also being used for fraud detection, by cross-referencing IP address information available from other Zoho and third-party systems, Zia will notify businesses of suspicious or fraudulent activity from a particular customer.

Commerce Plus can be licensed either as an entire platform or specifically for creating an online store. Pricing starts at US$20/month to get started with e-commerce. To license the entire Commerce Plus platform, it is US$100/month plus $30/employee or US$75/user.

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