Woolworths’ suppliers will now be able to monitor how their products are selling in each store.

The supermarket giant has developed a new app called Compass, which draws on historical sales patterns to calculate dynamic daily sales expectations for every product in every store.

The app generates alerts for suppliers if sales drop below expectations, allowing suppliers to quickly identify and fix potential out-of-stocks or merchandising issues impacting sales opportunities, the company said.

More than 10,000 third-party merchandisers visit Woolworths stores each month and Compass has been designed to make their job easier and more efficient.

Woolworths’ Compass App

Australian field sales agency Crossmark, who maintain merchandising for suppliers such as Twinings, Blackmores and Lion, have been trialling Compass during its development.

Crossmark Director of Operations Luke Johnson said: “Compass is an incredibly helpful tool for our merchandisers in Woolworths stores and the feedback from our team has been great.

“It also provides us with greater insight across our whole field force, which helps ensure we’re focused on addressing the right things in the right stores for the benefit of our clients and their customers.”

Compass also enables supplier representatives to print shelf tickets.The app represents a multimillion dollar investment by Woolworths and will be provided to supermarket suppliers free of charge.

Woolworths Director of Fresh Foods and Replenishment Paul Harker said: “We’re proud to be the first Australian retailer to invest in a free lost sales monitor for our suppliers.

“We see it as a genuine win-win because a lost sale for a supplier is a lost sale for Woolworths, and most likely an unsatisfied customer.

“Drawing on smartphone technology and a spirit of collaboration, we’re confident Compass will drive a step change in availability and merchandising standards for our customers.”

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