OpenText is building AI-powered analytics into every new information management product it develops and has set a goal of becoming the number one AI provider in that market. The company says it is “bullish” about its chances because of the highly targeted approach it is taking, learning from its competitors missteps.

OpenText’s analytics platform, named Magellan, was released two years ago primarily as an analytics tool. Now, the company says the technology has matured and is being used in many of its existing products and the enterprise information management company has mandated it be part of every new solution.

“We want to do innovation in one place and use it in a hundred others to take advantage of it,” Muhi Majzoub, executive vice president of products at OpenText, told delegates at the company’s inaugural Asian user conference in Singapore last week. 

Magellan can also be considered a semantic analysis platform and a “crawling” technology, able to connect to several data sources including unstructured data, Majzoub said.

The OpenText engineering chief demoed the company’s asset management platform, Experience Centre, as an example. Magellan helps to analyse videos, identifying speakers, their dialogue and video content; tagging and cataloging them, and allowing users to search databases for particular phrases or people.

In Majzoub’s demo the video content was then integrated into an email campaign in a largely automated process. Following the presentation, Majzoub told Which-50 that asset management was one of the well defined use cases OpenText will be focusing on before broadening AI use cases.

AI focus

He said he wants to “master” AI for his customers first before looking at broader applications of the technology, to avoid the pitfalls experienced by competitors – Majzoub singled out IBM’s Watson in particular.

“IBM Watson went out to say ‘we can cure anything, we can solve anything; we can cure cancer, [end] hunger in the world’ — everything. I think they cast too wide of a net. It was very hard to achieve and they had failures.”

Majzoub says he has a lot of respect for IBM but he has learnt from their failure.

“We are very focused. We’re not going after external systems. We’re only going after artificial intelligence in EIM; what does Magellan mean to content suite [the company’s flagship product], what does Magellan mean to media management … This is specific to my platforms.”

Majzoub says Magellan will eventually be capable of “casting a wider net” but for now the focus remains on the specific use cases.

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