The martech vendor previously known as Dotmailer officially rebranded as Dotdigital in January, to reflect the company’s wider suite of marketing and communications tools for online retailers.

Although it doesn’t rhyme, he is no longer ‘Tink Taylor founder of Dotmailer’, the company’s president is happy with the change, telling Which-50 the businesses had outgrown its former name.

“When we started 20 years ago, Dotmailer as it was then, had 4,500 lines of code. We’ve now got 1.5 million lines of code and counting,” Taylor said.

Tink Taylor, president and founder, Dotdigital

“Over time the functionality and capability of the platform has grown, it’s gotten deeper, wider and broader and the perception of what we do has probably stayed the same.”

Dotdigital’s platform, which it nows calls the engagement cloud, allows for much more sophisticated segmentation, personalisation and automation than “batch and blast” email marketing.

The acquisition of ComAPI in 2017 added further omnichannel messaging capabilities to the platform, allowing marketing messages to be sent via SMS, Facebook messenger and through a beta program with Whatsapp.

“For a long time we have done more than what it says on the tin,” Taylor said.

It’s also not the first time the company has changed names, it began life as Ellipsis Media in 1999, and the listed parent company has always been Dot Digital.

Taylor says changing the name now gives the company “a genuine opportunity to explain all the stuff we’ve built over the years.”

the Dotdigital Engagement Cloud. Source: Dotdigital

Meeting the Adobe family

Taylor was speaking to Which-50 between sessions at the Magento Live user conference in Sydney yesterday, where the company was presenting its products to an audience of ecommerce customers and developers.

The two companies are closely integrated, Dotdigital recently extended its global Premier Technology Partner status with Magento for another three years, and has been bundled into the core code of the Magento platform as the recommended omnichannel marketing platform.

But Magento’s new parent company Adobe also has its own marketing suite, with Neolane and Campaign. And it added Marketo to the mix, acquiring the company in September.

When asked if Adobe’s acquisition of Magento last year could pose potential problems for the relationship, Taylor said Adobe’s marketing tools didn’t directly compete with Dotdigital.

“Dotmailer is a retention marketing piece specialising in integration into Magento and ecommerce. Whereas Marketo is a B2B lead generator,” Taylor said. “They are two different horses built for two different things,” he said.

Similarly, Taylor said, Adobe’s existing marketing products are aimed at top tier enterprise clients, whereas Dotdigital plays in the mid-market.

“When it [the acquisition] happened we had lots of conversations, but in reality when I look at it we wouldn’t have ever said Marketo is a competitor, nor Neolane is a competitor. We actually have some clients that use both – use that on the lead side and use us for the ecommerce and retention piece,” he said.

Taylor believes Magento will benefit from the the sales and marketing resources Adobe will bring, which in turn benefits Dotdigital because of its pre-existing deep integration with Magento.

“We don’t have any concerns on that front. We are quite excited by Adobe, they’ve been incredibly open to us and talking about maybe integrating into other areas of the Adobe suite, so it’s opened a huge amount of doors.”

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