There are three key reasons to why customer experience is vital in child sponsorship, according to Teresa Sperti, chief marketing, data and product officer at World Vision.

At the Forrester CX event in Sydney last week Sperti said the charity sector is one of the most competitive markets in Australia with consumers demanding greater transparency and seeking instant gratification.

“It takes 10-15 years to drive sustainable change in the community and that is something that the developed world doesn’t understand,” she said.

She explained despite all the changes in the market and in customer expectations, the company was not evolving.

“Child sponsorship, our flagship product hadn’t evolved for many years and we weren’t innovating to create new ways for consumers to engage. So transformation for us, when I joined the organisation it wasn’t optional; we had to change,” she explained.

Because of this dire need to transform, Sperti highlighted three key reasons why CX was critical for World Vision to engage with the market.

Teresa Sperti, chief marketing, data and product officer, World Vision

Firstly, Sperti said experience is a product of World Vision. She explained that their work is intangible and invisible as few Australians see the work they do. 

“Experience really creates a tangibility and really brings our donors closer to the work we are doing in the field.

“In addition, the donation that consumers make is really the start of the relationship, the experience is really what builds the connection with those donors over time,” she said.

Secondly, experience matters for World Vision as “impact is the new black” according to Sperti. 

“Experience really provides a mechanism for us to be able to demonstrate the progress and outcomes we are making when donors entrust us with their hard earned money. That’s critical in an industry that is trading on trust and where there is a greater need for transparency,” she explained.

The final reason, Sperti said, is the subscription economy changes everything for World Vision.

She said, “Child sponsorship is probably one of the oldest subscription products in market but the frequency value exchange was really misaligned with market expectations.”

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