Which-50 started five years ago based on a simple premise. Business leaders needed current, credible and high quality information about digital transformation… and that information was hard to find.

At the time in Australia there were few executives designated as the digital leaders in their companies. Instead what we found were passionate advocates across all kinds of disciplines including operation, marketing, IT and sales who recognised the wave breaking over their businesses and decided to grab the mantle of leadership for themselves.

Each year over the subsequent five years our readers have grown in stature inside their own organisations, capturing ever larger shares of responsibility and budget, and Australia’s business leaders have finally engaged with the digital dilemma at the most senior C-Suite and board levels.

At the same time our audience has grown each year, and the seniority of that audience has increased, reflecting both the growth in Which-50 and also success of our readers in their own roles.

Once again we asked our readers to tell us a bit about themselves, why they read Which-50, what they do with the information, and what their role entails.

This helps us better develop the title to meet the needs of our readers. It also helps us develop our commercial product – which is based on the expertise of our clients – in a way that directly benefits the readers.

Here are some highlights;

Why Which-50?

Senior digital executives need to understand the biggest picture. That’s hard in a digitally disrupted world where change is the only thing you can take to the bank.

The top three reasons our readers gave for visiting the site are; to stay up to date with the latest digital trends and news, for our analysis of the meaning behind the trends and to keep track of the latest digital developments in their own industry.

Our readers tell us they value three qualities in the coverage above all else; expert opinions, unique contributors and the fact that we do our best to cover the whole ecosystem.

What next?

We also asked our readers to tell us what they did after reading or watching a story on Which-50. Two thirds of senior executives say they share Which-50 stories and videos with their peers and customers. They also tell us our stories have helped them develop their thinking on issues, or prompted them to dive deeper into subjects with further research.

Show me the money

Most of our readers sit in the C-Suite or report to the C-suite and this basic picture hasn’t changed despite a significant growth in readership. That reflects the success our readers have had established themselves as leaders in their businesses.

Their budgets are significant. 40 per cent spend more than a million a year on digital and almost third spend more than $4 million. 15 per cent of our readers have budgets in excess of $10 million.

It is also reflected in how they spend their companies’ money. Their big ticket items are professional services, marketing and adtech, information technology and data analytics.


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