In July 2018 Which-50 secretly erased men from our coverage. Overall traffic declined, our social presence evaporated and readers suffered from a diminished product.

Then we told the world about it, publishing an account of our experiment called No Man’s Land and commissioning author John Birmingham to write an accompanying column titled Men, Sucking which chronicled examples of misogyny women are still experiencing in the workplace.

Both stories struck a chord with our readers and are among our most read and most shared stories of the year. They are also two of the stories we are most proud of publishing in 2018. 

Since July we’ve been keeping track of the number of men and women quoted or written about in Which-50, with the aim of improving the gender balance. While the results are much better than the first half of the year, the chart below shows there’s still more work to be done.

The annual deep dive into Google Analytics also reveals Amazon was the most popular company Which-50 covered as it navigated its first year in Australia.

Digital advertising was the most popular industry we wrote about in 2018 with in depth coverage of programmatic trends, ad fraud and Criteo’s woes all making our top 10 most read stories.

Emerging technologies such as blockchain, AI and 5G featured prominently in our most shared stories of the year, which is based on social shares tracked by Buzzsumo.  

Stories from the Which-50 archives also made their way to the top of the Google analytics list, with digital transformation and China’s biggest ecommerce companies proving to be enduring SEO-friendly headlines.

The top 10 Most Read stories published by Which-50 in 2018

  1. Men, Sucking
  2. LinkedIn reveals Australia’s Best companies to work for in 2018
  3. Cover Story: No Man’s Land
  4. As Amazon blocks Australians from its international sites, Alibaba and eBay are working on a GST fix
  5. Watch these ten programmatic trends closely in 2018
  6. COVER STORY: Six Months on and Australia is Waiting for Amazon to Hit the Accelerator
  7. Cover Story: Australia Could Lead the World in AgTech. Or We Might Just Bugger it Up, Again
  8. Cover story: Adtech won’t fix ad fraud because it is too lucrative, say specialists
  9. Gartner Offers a Scathing View of Australian Digital Transformation
  10. Updated: Criteo CEO out, founder returns

Which-50’s Top 10 Most Shared Stories of 2018

  1. Cover Story: No Man’s Land
  2. Men, Sucking
  3. The promise of blockchain in marketing
  4. AI and Machine Learning Will Change Our Business Future
  5. How 5G Unlocks Smart Cities
  6. Isn’t Artificial Intelligence (AI) Just Software?
  7. Big Data isn’t always Beautiful. Or Useful
  8. Cover story: Adtech won’t fix ad fraud because it is too lucrative, say specialists
  9. Is Retail Transforming? Improving? Or just waiting to be disrupted?
  10. oOh!Media invests in new trading platform and machine learning

Our most popular stories from the archives in 2018

  1. Who are China’s biggest ecommerce companies?
  2. Who is doing digital transformation well? Let’s start with L’Oreal
  3. Four reasons why API management is essential
  4. Median data science salaries hit $200k
  5. Use marketing and trust to deliver competitive advantage: Qantas CMO
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