Which-50 is launching an awards program to recognise digital leaders who are driving genuine change in their business to make customer experiences simple, fast and easy

Simple. Fast. Easy. These three words were selected as the theme for the awards as they encapsulate the way a user experiences a brand, when everything works well. (And we should acknowledge the theme is really a co-created product – the idea was actually presented to us by BUPA’s Head of Personalisation — Customer Transformation, Simon Belousoff, during a Which-50 round table last year.

Entries are now open for the Which-50 Digital Experience Awards, which have been designed to measure the benefits digital innovators have been able to pass on to consumers by removing the pain points from their operations.

The inaugural awards ceremony will be held at Sydney Museum of Contemporary Art on Thursday, September 12, 2019.

Which-50 Editor in Chief Andrew Birmingham says the awards stand out for their focus on metrics and measurable innovation.

“Almost since Which-50 Media began, we have been asked to run an awards program recognising the role of digital professionals. We held off for years, because awards are too often beauty contests, or subject to the whims and biases of judges,” he said.

“Simple. Fast. Easy. Those three words speak to the frustrations and desires of consumers everywhere. It was in that moment that the Which-50 Digital Experience Awards were born. Best of all, there are metrics we can measure that will be easy for applicants to describe. No judge bias. Just metrics.”  

The Which-50 Digital Experience Award categories cover the breadth of innovation we see occurring in industries Australia-wide.

  • Digital Innovator of the Year
  • Best Community Innovation
  • Best in Digital Commerce (B2C)
  • Best in Digital Commerce (B2B)
  • Best Customer Service Innovation
  • Best Employee Engagement Innovation
  • Best in Data Analytics Innovation
  • Best Mobile Field Staff Innovation
  • Best in Automation
  • Best Application of Machine Learning/AI
  • Which-50 Grand Prix – Best of the Best Award

Click here to read about each category in more detail.

The awards will be judged by an advisory board made up of respected leaders across financial services, retail, telecommunications, travel, utilities, professional services, manufacturing, technology, health, industrial and government.

The Which-50 Digital Experience Awards Advisory Board

Entries close on July 5, 2019 and the finalists will be announced on July, 30. To find out more about awards criteria click here. For sponsorship opportunity click here.

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