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Algorithms? Mathematics? The merest hint of these ideas is enough to dampen the ardour of even the most determined digital suitor. But data can be sexy. Fascinating. And even – kind of fun. We’ve been conditioned through school, university and corporate culture to see figures and ‘data’ as boring, the

You are either a digital disruptor or you are dinner. Your choice. And while there are myriad advantages to be seized by leaders brave or brilliant enough to embrace disruption, if you are not convinced, there are also plenty of insurgents more than capable of taking you back into the food

Up until recently, terms like creative destruction, long wave cycles and existential crises referred to scientific and economic theories. Now, they embody the commitments each successful digital business makes to itself, its staff, its shareholders and its customers. Embracing and harnessing the power of disruption can mean the difference between

Innovation, it seems, is a rather slippery term to nail down. Few business leaders would admit to being poor innovators, and yet ask them to define exactly what it means (and as headhunters that’s exactly what we do!) and you will get a wide variety of responses. The problem is

The transformational power of technology in the digital economy keeps products and services in constant tension. In such a state, the war for talent is endless. And in a fiercely competitive landscape, rare skill sets are keenly sought, while it is harder than ever to retain your talent. These two