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Getting into the mind of the consumer is widely seen as an imperative for high performance brand marketing. But, says a ground breaking study from Imperial College London, by trying to empathise with consumers, marketers may in fact be doing themselves more harm than good. Being able to ‘think like

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  While the talent wars show no sign of relenting, a different issue is percolating: retention and engagement. Once you’ve secured hard-won talent, how do you hold onto them? As Harvey Nash research reveals, technology leaders are faced with a paradox: The very things they typically leverage to retain staff—pay,


  The Internet of Things – the world of connected devices – represents an interesting and potentially transformational shift in the way humans, hardware and software interact. This programmble world is creating connections between technology enabled pieces of the environment such as central heating, vehicle engines, home appliances or production

  The market for advanced analytics and the tools that support it continues to grow, creating a very lucrative space for brands that can gain and hold market share. Whilst traditionally dominated by the big enterprise software vendors, particularly IBM and SAS, the last decade has seen rapid change in

  “You’ve got to start with the customer experience and work back toward the technology—not the other way around,” Steve Jobs once famously quipped. But that was 17 years ago. Why have large corporates with big customer bases taken so long to catch on? Customer experience trumps all else. In

Do technology leaders truly have the power to truly drive innovation, or merely talk about it? Seventy-seven percent of technology leaders see greater innovation potential than ever before, according to this year’s 2014 Harvey Nash CIO Survey. But how many describe their company’s innovation potential as actually being realised? A

  Customer segmentation is a tried and true part of the marketer’s arsenal. Widely used to drive differentiation in brand communications both above and below the line, segmentation is traditionally sample-based and insight-focused — designed to build marketers’ understanding of who their customers are and how they relate to brands

Data scientists are today’s “most-wanted” business visionaries. And Australia is improving its ability to develop home-grown data scientists as well as attract them to Australia from all over the globe. Despite these improvements, each recruitment gain is often mirrored by a loss. Many of Australia’s data scientists are quickly recruited

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The emergence of the  chief digital officer is shaking up the c-suite in more and more organisations throughout Australia, Europe and the US. Recent research suggests that 83 per cent of top digitally performing companies have an explicitly and formally appointed digital leader. The CDO Club, the world’s largest network

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  Organisations are increasingly waking up to the realisation that they need heavyweight digital expertise on their boards. In our recent pulse survey, strategy was cited as the most critical digital element Australia needs in 2014. This backs up our belief that boards in Australia need digital members to bring