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In Sean Williams’ short story Among the Beautiful Living Dead, the super-rich have gifted themselves eternal life, at the cost of eternal boredom. The theme repeats itself through popular culture — in Anne Rice’s vampires with ennui and Iain M. Banks’s sci-fi civilisations so weary of living forever they ‘sublime’

Bill Gates thinks we overestimate how much can be achieved in one year, and underestimate how much will change in ten. If Elon Musk’s Neuralink achieves even a fraction of what he hopes for in the next decade, the solar-powered Mars colonist could fundamentally change more than our relationship to

Digital disruption in book publishing by John Birmingham

My first year as a working writer I made a hundred and thirty-five dollars and ate a lot of generic poverty noodles. My second, a bumper year, I broke two hundred. It was encouraging, but not enough to upgrade to those fancy Maggi noodles the big, prize-winning authors get. After

In this podcast, Timothy Whitfield and Venessa Hunt interview the Grapeshot COO, Kurt Kratchman. This interview takes a journey from Traffic Engineer to Beverly Hills Venture Capitalist and then COO of Grapeshot. The world’s largest live context marketing, insights and Brand Safety companies.

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Companies are slowly beginning to realise the existential nature of the challenge that digital hypercompetition poses to them. When they see the destruction wrought by disruptors on incumbents in music (Spotify), media (Google) or retail (Amazon), it’s difficult to deny that the writing on the wall is for them. Executives

This article follows-on from my previous analysis last week whereby we started to review a number of demand side platforms (DSPs). This article will make better sense if you start by reading the previous article by clicking in this link. The ultimate goal of this test was to review a

When it comes to programmatic ad-tech companies they all seem to have three things in common. (a) The all seem to have more data than everybody else, (b) they all seem to have a longer algorithm than everybody else, and (c) they all seem to have a company founder that

In this episode, Timothy Whitfield, Director of Technical Operations and Venessa Hunt, Head of Mobile interview John Montgomery, EVP Global Brand Safety at GroupM. In this episode we talk about the recent Brand Safety issues with YouTube and also the Big Brands Fund Terror headlines from the Times UK. We

Google brand safety

It’s not a good look for your macrobiotic crunchy granola-infused omni-sensitive global media brand when it gets plastered across a Polish hate video. Less-discerning YouTube viewers — is there any other sort? — might imagine that you, The Guardian, were throwing your resources and prestige behind neo-Nazis in ski masks.

In this episode Timothy Whitfield and Willie Pang interview Steve Doyle, Chief Commercial Officer at InSkin Media. We discuss IPO vs Private Equity, Viewability and Engagement in High Impact Creative Units, Moving into Programmatic offerings. Client Side (JavaScript) vs Server Side technology, and much more.