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Facebook’s Chief Security Officer has admitted that thousands of politically motivated ads from fake accounts originating in Russia ran on the platform before the 2016 US Presidential election. The Zuck trousered a hundred thousand dollars from the Kremlin’s fake news mavens, — couch cushion change for the Facebook Tsar, but

‘AI’ – artificial intelligence – is the latest tech term getting marketers excited with its potential to streamline, optimise and scale marketing processes. But it worth remembering also that marketers love new technology and, over the past decade, have been treated to the vast buffet of (useful) new ‘tech’ and,

I blame the comment threads. Whether on YouTube, Facebook, a widely unread blog or the seething, dissociated hive mind of Twitter, letting people have their say turned out to be a really terrible idea. Because people are the worst. Or maybe it’s just that, as W.B Yeats knew long ago,

If Hollywood was ever to make an action movie with an amazing female CEO who could single handedly take on an army of ninjas then they would have to cast Anne Frisbie as the heroine. She is a non-nonsense, intelligent, charismatic leader that looks equally as comfortable around the boardroom,

In jiu jitsu you never fight your enemy’s fight. You never match strength to strength. You avoid the line of their attack. You deflect the straight punch, step inside the roundhouse kick, sweep the foot which seemed to be so firmly planted on such solid ground. The Coalition for Marriage,


Maybe you should have just gone to the pub. Millions of punters poured into bars all over the world on the weekend, and bartenders poured vast oceans of alcohol into them, as everyone waited for yet another Fight of the Century. Two terrible human beings did terrible things to each

In this podcast, Timothy Whitfield and John Miskelly interview Michael Rubenstein the President of AppNexus. This interview shows the journey from working at Google and creating the worlds first Ad-Exchange to now being the president of AppNexus, arguably the largest and most successful piece of Ad-Tech today.


In Sean Williams’ short story Among the Beautiful Living Dead, the super-rich have gifted themselves eternal life, at the cost of eternal boredom. The theme repeats itself through popular culture — in Anne Rice’s vampires with ennui and Iain M. Banks’s sci-fi civilisations so weary of living forever they ‘sublime’

Bill Gates thinks we overestimate how much can be achieved in one year, and underestimate how much will change in ten. If Elon Musk’s Neuralink achieves even a fraction of what he hopes for in the next decade, the solar-powered Mars colonist could fundamentally change more than our relationship to

Digital disruption in book publishing by John Birmingham

My first year as a working writer I made a hundred and thirty-five dollars and ate a lot of generic poverty noodles. My second, a bumper year, I broke two hundred. It was encouraging, but not enough to upgrade to those fancy Maggi noodles the big, prize-winning authors get. After