Which-50 Digital Experience Awards Categories

The Award categories salute excellence across a wide range of digital innovations that make life simpler, faster and easier for users.

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Which-50 Grand Prix

Celebrating the best-of-the-best in game-changing digital innovation. The winner of this award will have delivered the most unique, forward thinking or impactful initiative that has significantly propelled an organisation forward in their digital journey. Winners of each award category will be considered for this distinguished recognition of achievement.

Digital Innovator of the Year

Innovation can’t happen without a leader championing for change. This award recognises an individual frontrunner – a key individual who blazes a trail in new territory to create genuine change in improving outcomes in the digital landscape.

Best in Digital Commerce (B2C)

Delighting the customer with an engaging experience and minimal clicks to purchase is the holy grail of e-commerce. This award recognises leading innovation in streamlining the buyer journey with better and faster paths to purchase. The winning entry will have created a dynamic and frictionless online experience via excellence in speed to purchase, usability and status of delivery during the order fulfilment journey. Open to any product or service in pure-play retail and cross-industry e-payment systems.

Best in Digital Commerce (B2B)

A large number of B2B companies lose control over the customer experience due to convoluted buying processes and disconnected applications of best practices. This award recognises excellence in a company’s digital innovation that provides an efficient, self-service buying journey for external partners and suppliers.

Best Customer Service Innovation

This award recognises an active solution driving innovation in B2C customer service such as chat, email, social and digital platforms accessing customer feedback or delivering efficient customer service. Examples can include portals where customers can check and update personal details, plans, financial records and bills or seek real-time customer support.

Best Employee Engagement Innovation

Utilising technology, processes, systems, hardware or software to empower employees through digital innovation can transform a workforce. This award recognises companies that demonstrate a compelling and holistic approach to self-service solutions for staff. The winner will display a focus on processes, competencies and models to significantly enhance employee experiences and provide access to timely data through a mix of digital technologies. 

Best in Data Analytics

If you are what you measure, then innovative analytics ensures that you are measuring the right things to get the best, most valuable results. This may include applications designed to analyse and offer actionable data for the customer; and/or examples of how data has been used to deliver enhanced business results.

Best Mobile Field Staff Innovation

Mobility is at the heart of digital innovation today and delivers great benefits for organisations with a high volume of staff working in the field. The winner of this award will have a simple, intuitive app for mobile field staff workers who rely on completing forms, taking photos, capturing signatures and accessing data.

Best in Automation

This award celebrates excellence in digital innovation through the use of automation and straight-through processing within internal functions. The winner will have delivered measurable improvements resulting in increased efficiency and outcomes in end-to-end processes. 

Best Community Innovation

This award recognises the outstanding use of technology and digital innovation for social good. The winner will show genuine benefits delivered to the community, including how digital innovation is making life easy, simple and fast. Open to government, community, not-for-profit and commercial projects. Examples may include the use of telehealth services; mobile apps to deliver services to remote communities; virtual and augmented reality applications that improve safety or quality of life. Smart cities initiatives could also fit into this approach.

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