Celebrating [Measurable] Success

The Which-50 Digital Experience Awards stand apart for their focus on metrics and measurable innovation.

While it’s easy to claim a system, initiative or application as being innovative, the true measure of success lies in the size of the impact it has on the customer experience. Does it make life simple, fast and easy for the customer? For example, cutting call waiting times by half can’t be regarded as excellence in digital innovation if callers still spend an extensive period on hold. Whereas, streamlining the path to purchase does deliver meaningful change, if customers can buy in less time with an easier user experience.

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The Award categories salute excellence across a wide range of digital innovations that make life simpler, faster and easier for users.

The focus on metrics is to acknowledge and reward the most successful outcomes across each category. No judge bias. Just metrics.

Metrics applied to various categories include:

    • Increase in Net Promoter Score (NPS)
    • Increase in conversion rates
    • Increase in sales percentage in the last 24 months
    • Reviews/online testimonials
    • CX/UX
    • Examples of outstanding leadership / Promoting a culture of innovation

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