During an emergency situation when vital information and contextual awareness is increased for the dispatch centre, it can save lives according to Mike deVente corporate VP for APAC at Motorola Solutions.

DeVente spoke to delegates at the Critical Communications World in Kuala Lumpur saying, “When we talk about helping people in the moments that matter, which we often talk about contextual awareness, for the first responder is the key asset that we bring to the table.”

A human in a very highly stressful situation may not be as capable as AI could be, deVente explained.

“In the initial days of the phone call, getting a panicked person on the line, to try an explain a life and death situation to another person who has emotions as well and then trying to translate that information to a first responder to come to the right place at the right time with the right resources, you can miss a lot of detail.”

Last year, Motorola completed its acquisition of Avigilon which provides analytics where users could actually identify a slow down on a highway before the first call comes in.

DeVente said he used an incident in Japan a few months back where a man attacked a number of people with a knife. He said when someone starts attacking someone, people disburse fast.

This can be identified with one of their products that has unusual motion detection.

He said this technology is not replacing humans, you’re inserting the technology to make the decision, rather than inserting the human to sit and watch hours of monotonous video.

“The attention span of a human, it’s dropping real fast, and they don’t even know what they’re looking for. We’ve got thousands of cameras all over the place but you really can’t watch them all.

“If you can attach video analytics to those cameras and then unusual motion detection could identify somebody walking down the main street with a rifle in their hand, which by the way, unusual motion detection also has the capability to identify firearms in someone’s hands.”

He said it’s evolving the way that we respond more quickly and more intelligently to the needs of the citizens that counts so much on these types of services.

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