Third-party cookies are foundational to how adtech works today. Adtech is deeply linked to the third-party cookie, but this is all going to change within two years. 

At a LiveRamp panel discussion entitled Online Identity in a Cookieless World, Travis Clinger, VP Global Strategy and Partnerships at LiveRamp, said the next two years are going to be incredibly exciting for the adtech industry.

He said, “This gives the ecosystem an enormous opportunity to build a new infrastructure and to transition away from third-party cookies to something much better.” Elaborating further, Clinger explained, “We see this evolving into what we call The Trusted Ecosystem.”

LiveRamp has been focusing on the issue of identity since May 2017.

Clinger explained at the advertising ID consortium that the company got together with some of their partners. They said there is a chance to put people-based identity in the bitstream, reduce the problem of the cookie and enable platforms to transact on a person-based ID without the need for the third-party cookie. 

“In December 2018, we became the first ever ID to be transacted in the open internet, the first ever people-based ID,” he said.  

Last May, LiveRamp launched its Authenticated Traffic Solution, which enables publishers to leverage their trusted relationship with the consumer to connect with marketers without the need for third-party cookies. 

Clinger said, “Already today we have publishers live with this solution. We have cookieless inventory available on Identitylink, we are seeing worldwide adoption of this. We have over 42 DSPs and SSPs committed to transacting on this ID who are live today. 

“We have many interested publishers, many publishers in contracting, and we have over 450 global brands who work with LiveRamp everyday to connect to their customers with their publishers.”

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