A partnership between the hybrid cloud and hardware leaders seeks to democratise AI and free up time for data scientists.

VMware and NVIDIA today announced a broad partnership to deliver both an enterprise platform for AI and a new architecture for data centre, cloud and edge that uses NVIDIA data processing units (DPUs) to support existing and next-generation applications.

The deal means NVIDIA’s AI software will be available on VMWare’s vSphere, Cloud Foundation and Tanzu, with the companies today saying it will help democratise AI.

“AI is the most powerful technology force of our time,” NVIDIA chief Jensen Huang said at VMWare’s annual event, held virtually this year.

“We want to be able to put all of this capability in the hands of all the companies, so that they can automate their business and products with AI.”

A demo of the new platform claimed AI model training could be achieved 31 times faster thanks to the optimised NVIDIA software and hardware.

Additionally, as part of VMware’s Project Monterey – a re-architecture of data centres – the two companies will partner on hybrid cloud designed specifically for AI, machine learning and high-throughput data-centric apps.

NVIDIA CEO Jensen Huang announces a partnership with VMware CEO Pat Gelsinger.

Customers will be able to develop and deploy AI workloads using GPU optimised containers and virtual machines, on the same platform as their enterprise applications, at scale across the hybrid cloud.

“We are partnering with NVIDIA to bring AI to every enterprise; a true democratizsation of one of the most powerful technologies,” said Pat Gelsinger, CEO of VMware. 

“We’re also collaborating to define a new architecture for the hybrid cloud—one purpose built to support the needs and demands of the next generation of applications. Together, we’re positioned to help every enterprise accelerate their use of breakthrough applications to drive their business.”

Testing on the new platform is underway and companies will soon be able to register for an early access program.

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