VMware and Accenture today announced a multiyear partnership to launch a dedicated business group for accelerating customers’ cloud migrations, as the global consultancy leans further into businesses’ cloud journeys.

The “Accenture VMware Business Group” will sit within Accenture’s Cloud First division – a $3 billion investment from the consultancy over three years specifically for selling migration services and support.

Accenture today said the latest deal with cloud and virtualisation giant VMware is a “muilti-year, multi-million dollar” investment from both companies. Under the agreement, the companies will work together to sell cloud and migration services, including Accenture providing 2,000 staff trained in VMware products and services, and the launch of a controlled migration environment.

The two companies expect to also doffer “pre-engineered vertical industry solutions”, including a platform to help telcos accelerate the rollout of 5G and edge computing services.

VMware is particularly bullish on the transformative potential of 5G, with longtime CEO Pat Gelsinger last year telling Which-50 it will displace wifi for business applications and his company is trying to bring “data centre, cloud software approaches to 5G”.

Speaking today on the Accenture partnership, Gelsinger said organisations must employ a multi cloud approach.

“Increasingly, customers are running their applications on one or more clouds, datacentres and the edge and the Accenture VMware Business Group will bring together the world-class teams and expertise required, with the speed, agility, and resilience that organisations demand, today and tomorrow.”

The new business group will launch a specialised VMware Cloud “Migration Factory” to migrate computing workloads to the cloud using automated processes. Accenture says this will allow more rapid and secure migrations in a controlled environment to their preferred public, private and/or hybrid cloud.

“Cloud is the single most powerful tool for mastering change,” said Julie Sweet, chief executive officer, Accenture. “As organisations accelerate their move to the cloud and edge over the next few years, the Accenture VMware Business Group will help deliver the speed, scale and security they need to fundamentally reinvent their businesses and create more value.”

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