The word mofo — which means exactly what you think it means — is about to become a lot more visible. This week Aussie online wine retailer, Vinomofo, has wrapped up filming its first TVC and announced a partnership with TubeMogul to bring programmatic video buying in-house.

On the back of raising $25 million in April, the eCommerce start-up is taking more control of digital marketing and launching its first outdoor and TV campaigns to acquire new customers and build brand awareness.

Kip McMillan head of marketing at Vinomofo told Which-50 they try to bring media buying and planning in-house where possible.

“It just gives a bit more control and a bit more ownership in what we are doing. Any chance we can, especially performance channels, we like to manage and plan in-house,” McMillan said.

Vinomofo’s performance channels — paid social, paid search, display, programmatic — are taken care of by its in-house marketing team.

“It is probably slightly more cost effective, but again I think it just gives you greater control if there are team changes within an agency then that sort of can cause issues. So we are able to manage that from our one team we can put more or less effort into those channels where need be,” McMillan said.

Vinomofo sought an advertising technology partner with the multi-region capability to support its expansion into international markets. The brand went live in New Zealand in August and has its sights firmly set on Britain, the United States, Singapore, Hong Kong and China.

Using a “lite” model, Vinomofo dips its toes into international markets by setting up a partnerships with a local logistics provider in each market to run pop-up sales events with limited quantities of wine. The strategy is to identify demand before making long-term investments. Singapore is the next country on Vinomofo’s list, followed by the US in early 2017.

McMillan’s advice for picking a technology partner is to clearly present your business’ objectives to the provider.

“You need to tailor the contract and what you need to get out of it with them quite early on and work towards that,” McMillan said. “You need to spend a lot of time doing due diligence to make sure the platform is right for the business, not just for the present, but for where the business is going to be in three to five years as well.”

Vinomofo’s digital marketing efforts will support its national through the line campaign that is launching in mid-October. The online business is using a portion of the $25 million it raised from Blue Sky Venture Capital to bring its “no bowties, no bullshit” philosophy to a broader audience via its first TV and outdoor advertising campaigns.

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