We obviously have too much time on our hands. Australia’s mobile video completion rates are the highest among all major global markets according to a new study by TubeMogul.

The big trend in the local market is that Australia’s viewable completion rates have more than doubled year-on-year. The 30 to 40 per cent range is most common among 15-second desktop video campaigns, directly in line with the market average.

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According to Taylor Schreiner, VP of Research at TubeMogul: “Australia’s viewable completion rates prove that the market is maturing at a rapid rate, specifically on mobile. Improvements in viewable completion rate occur when both creative and targeting marry effectively. Environment and content matter – and Australia’s marketers are rapidly discovering that effective targeting reaps rewards.”

The results suggest there is a significant opportunity for advertisers seeking additional viewable ad time, say the studies authors.


The US market also saw viewable completion rates double over the past year, driven by marketers’ commitment to improving viewability and engagement. The study notes, “Desktop rates upwards of 80 per cent are achievable, though some advertisers choose to pursue different campaign objectives like cost efficiency, lowering the market-wide average. Indeed, some advertisers look to mobile video for viewable time in front of their audience. While mobile viewability standards are still nascent, completion rates in the US – among the world’s highest – are nearly twice those seen on desktop.”

Apples or Oranges

One problem in the market today is that there is no universal metric for attention.

Viewable completion rate considers a person’s ability to see an ad, as well as the time they spend watching it, making it a leading proxy for attention in the digital space. In its TubeMogul Q3 Viewable Completion Rate report, the company compared video ad attention around the world and analysed viewable completion rates for 15-second desktop video ads.

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