With COVID-19 torpedoing many of the strategies that marketers use to engage their customers and prospects, content marketing has assumed greater importance this year than ever before.

During the second half of 2020 Which-50 collaborated with Sitecore on a unique series of digital events called Content Conversations, where we examined questions such as what makes effective content, the importance of structuring content marketing in a way that makes it measurable and actionable, and the critical role of teams and how they collaborate.

For this show, we called on the expertise of two of the guests – Sarah Mitchell the founder of Typeset and Andrew Lomas the co-founder of Creative Folks – along with Sitecore’s Vicki Bednjacic to discuss these issues in more depth.

According to Sarah Mitchell, “As marketers, especially as content marketers, we are writing for a purpose, and it is important to always ask, are we meeting that goal? I think it’s really vital we always keep that goal in mind, even to the point of recording the goal in your editorial calendar so that you can always go back and check.  So, for instance, we wrote this blog post or we wrote this case study with a specific goal. Did we meet that goal? “

Proof points

Evidence that the strategy is working requires data and that means the business needs to be able to measure behavior, and then analyse that behavior. The way you plan and structure your content marketing goes a long way to helping you achieve that goal, says Creative Folk’s Lomas.

“It’s important that our content is planned and structured in such a way that it’s all connected together and that the social sharing of it or the posting of it in emails is connected back so that you can analyse that information.”

Sitecore’s Bednjacic meanwhile stressed the importance of collaboration within, and across teams. “To really get great business outcomes you need a marketing team that works together as a team. We’re talking about being able to share ideas across the organisation, as well as within a particular business unit, and regionally as well across different territories. Because it’s important that teams are able to share ideas about content and campaigns.”

This video was created by Which-50’s Digital Intelligence Unit, our commercial content arm.

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