Businesses are increasingly under pressure to deliver experiences at an outstanding level while operating with greater efficiencies. To stay competitive, organisations often respond with technology solutions of their own — but often face tough choices on how and when to overhaul legacy systems.

“Like many other industries there is squeeze happening on both sides, wherever you are positioned within that value chain,” says Richard Hilliard, General Manager, Technology and Innovation, ORIX Australia.

“And that has implications on technology.”

Hilliard knows first hand that the pressure is coming from new places. At ORIX Australia he oversees the technology powering the fleet management company which operates over 34,000 vehicles in Australia.

ORIX Australia has relied on a business model and systems that have been relatively stable throughout its history. But Hilliard says that today the company is under pressure from disruptors on both sides of the value chain.

Manufacturers are investing in and operating ride-sharing businesses as well as offering their own fleet management — a direct competitor to ORIX Australia. Meanwhile consumers’ expectations have been ratcheted up by digital leaders, now demanding new ways to consume products and services.

“Consumers are starting to think about ‘can I access fleet as a service for some or all of my fleet’. Which is putting demand on ourselves where we have to change.”

The response from ORIX Australia has been new business models and new markets, Hilliard told Which-50 following his presentation at Boomi World Tour in Sydney this year. They are significant moves but the company hasn’t had to “bet the house” to adapt to change.

“You don’t actually need to bet the house and throw everything out. By adopting contemporary technologies which you can lay in front of your legacy and older systems, you can actually make some good progress and adapt as that value change shifts over time.”

Hilliard advices other organisations under pressure to follow the increasingly popular agile approach to change. But he also has some more frank advice.

“You’re not that special, really — a lot of businesses [aren’t]. Most businesses are wrestling with the same challenges, be they operational efficiencies or customer experiences. And leveraging the platforms that you’ve bought into can really help you accelerate on that journey.”

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