Emerging technology is providing innovative ways to disrupt traditional business models but the solutions often have a limited use case, according to Stephen Moore, SAP Australian and New Zealand executive director.

Following a panel discussion in Sydney Moore spoke to Which-50 about emerging technology and how his clients are approaching innovation.

According to Moore, there is no shortage of technology solutions but success only occurs when they are applied to appropriate use cases.

“That rests with the imagination of the organisation where you are applying the technology,” Moore said, following the conclusion of the SAP Real World Transformation event in Sydney.

“The startups are much more open to the concept of innovation and some of the more regulated, more conservative organisations that we operate with are less ready.

“Ironically though, they’re the organisations where the biggest opportunity exists. And those are the organisations that I think we have a duty of care to enable them to disrupt themselves. Otherwise the market will disrupt them out of business.”

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Innovation as usual

Bradley Burt, a Deloitte partner, drew similar conclusions from the panel discussions. He told Which-50 an organisation’s approach to innovation will be largely dependent on their structure and history.

According to Burt, for more agile startups, often unburdened by “monolithic” technology systems, have innovation ingrained in their culture.

“It was very interesting hearing the perception from a start up versus a traditional company. The startups were sort of saying; ‘We don’t even use the word innovation because it’s already instilled in what we do every single day’”.

And while more established organisations may not enjoy that level of freedom, innovation is fast becoming a necessity, and one that requires a defined strategy, Burt said.

“It’s very interesting to listen to the perspective around having to drive an innovative culture or should that just be already there day to day.”

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