Marketers need to rethink how they target their consumers, and use the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning to pitch their wares at precisely the right moment. That’s the view of David Gosen, Managing Director and SVP International at Rocket Fuel, who spoke to ADMA during a recent visit down under.

“If you think about an individual, what is the best time to target them? Historically, marketers have thought about personas and individuals in a very constrained way. But an individual is different throughout the day. Their engagement with advertising and offers is very different.”

Rocket Fuel is one of the new generation of adtech platform players utilising AI to optimise campaign performance.

According to Gosen, “We moment score. We score every individual interaction, and that allows us through our AI platform to target the consumer at the best time.”

This, he says, allows Rocket Fuel to make the most effective use of the advertisement and deliver the marketer the best ROI.

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“Media markets are undergoing a huge change and have been for some time, driven by the fragmentation of media and audiences, and the emergence of cross channel.” And, as technology has emerged to solve this problem and data has become more critical to marketing strategy,  marketers have become more accountable and are now being measured more, he said.

“More and more media will be bid, bought and optimised as programmatic continues to grow,” says Gosen. “The optimisation is important and can now be done in real time.”

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