A problem has emerged for organisations looking to harness their data: accessing it. Frequently, digital organisations are creating troves of valuable data — but it often remains siloed in disparate databases or applications.

According to David Irecki, Senior Consulting Manager, APJ, at Dell Boomi, integration platform as a service (iPaaS) applications like Boomi are the “data engine” that can bring the disparate data together and leverage the applications that are best using it, including artificial intelligence.

Irecki told Which-50 the problem now for organisation is not so much data generation but access.

“They are using applications that know their data better than they do. So the key here is to unlock that application intelligence to better understand their customers and to provide services that give a competitive edge.”

Irecki cites the example of CRM systems and ERP systems. CRMs have become quite effective at generating sales leads, thanks to the underlying AI technology. Those leads can be improved by supplementary ERP data, just as ERP data is made more useful by lead-generation.

The problem is that those areas of the business often don’t integrate well, as a consequence of the different best-of-breed applications being used.

The problem has created a booming market of iPaaS providers and, Irecki says, Dell Boomi is standing out as the leader.

“[Boomi] is that single data engine that can bring all this disparate data from all these different systems and feed it in to your AI-based applications.”

The vendor’s popularity has led it to expand its annual user conference to Australia for the first time this year. Irecki says attendees can expect demonstrations, ROI data, networking and, importantly, local case studies.

“You’ll hear a lot of the different ways of how Boomi has been used by customers. So you can see how in your industry or organisation you might be able to derive benefits from Boomi.”

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