We spoke to Katherine Raskob, the CEO of FIA about the ways that their member organisations use tech to improve both their fundraising capacity and their delivery of services. Raskob describes the Not-For-Profit sector’s slow uptake of new technology as an effect of external pressures on charities to direct all of their fundraising dollar to service delivery.

The Fundraising Institute Australia (FIA) is the peak body for fundraising in the country with approximately 1200 members made up of small and large charities, professional fundraisers and suppliers.

She says, “They also have sort of an ethos of operating in a very lean and as efficient way as possible. But sometimes that means that they don’t make the investments that are required.

Increasingly though, charities are investing in technology allowing them to improve the ROI on both their marketing and service delivery spend. Raskob highlights the efficiencies that these investments bring to charities including the digital transformation that FIA is currently undertaking.

“We have a number of systems, we’ve got an event registration platform, we’ve got a learning management system, and at the moment those aren’t connected and so that’s the reason why we’re also making investments in technology to deliver a more seamless member service and engagement for our members.”

Raskob also highlights the negative impacts of the pandemic on the charitable sector as many charities were not prepared with robust technologies to support flexible working:

“There are a lot of charities who were caught because they didn’t actually have the technology that allowed their staff to work from home or their services to be delivered in a virtual way. So I think these are really critical areas for fundraising organisations, for charities to really consider and continue to prioritise their investment to get better ROI.”

The production team for the video series included Blake McIntyre, Lloyd Ashton, and Sharon Mani.

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