Australians spend over $80 billion annually on home improvements, and since the emergence of the commercial internet 25 years ago many companies have tried to build an online business to leverage the opportunity, often with mixed success.

Hipages, founded by Roby Sharon-Zipser in 2004 has emerged as the market leader in a still fragmented sector.

The company listed in November last year, raising a $100 million. Today it’s market capitalisation is $321 million, similar to where it ended on the day it listed.

Image: Yahoo Finance

Some analysts at least believe it is well placed to join companies like Seek, Real and Carsales in the top tier of home grown digital businesses.

We recently invited Sharon-Zipser into the Which-50 studio to discuss the problems that the business looks to solve, how Hipages makes its money, the impact of smart mobility, and what he has learned about running a platform based business. Such businesses, he says, are leading in the uptake of subscription business models allowing these companies to fuel growth by more accurate forecasting and by providing better services to their customers.


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