Traditionally, determining the ROI of investments in technology has been seen as difficult to measure. Historically, there has been a cultural problem in Australia where executives have put too much emphasis on cost savings rather than the potential revenue or financial benefits of investing in tech.

According to Ben Allard, Vice-President and General Manager APAC at Apptio, “There’s an inherent complexity within IT so when you look at being able to link the financials through to resources, through to infrastructure, applications, services, and then be able to put that into business context, I think that inherently makes it hard to measure the ROI of tech investments.”

Craig Wishart, CIO at KPMG Australia, told Which-50 that a Technology Business Management (TBM) framework can assist businesses to build out IT with “effective financial transparency”.

“It gives you that technology view that connects what was traditionally the back of house with the front of house, and it makes you far more connected to the people in the business who are facing clients,” says Wishart.

He says that TBM is helping smaller companies compete with the giants in the market like Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Netflix and Google.

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