If marketing is still considered just a “right brain” activity in your organisation, Aprimo’s Chief Product Officer, Kevin Souers, insists that using customer stories told via underlying sales and marketing data are key to driving cultural change.

As more and more organisations adopt customer-centric strategies, the ability to form an accurate view of that customer becomes critical.

This is where marketing comes in, provided we understand that the role of a marketer shifts and evolves along with the organisation.

“The insights we can gather, if it’s collected and curated well, are amazing,” said Souers.

“It’s potentially better than any other department, better than finance, the supply chain and operations.”

No department has access to as much insight as marketers who are accurately measuring data from the myriad of new platforms, he said. These insights and the ability to connect them to appropriate metrics, along with traditional creative roles is where left and right brain marketing collide.

“Marketing is so much more than coming up with a great idea from the right side of your brain,” said Souers.

“Marketing is a game of trying and testing new things. There is no such thing as putting a campaign or a message in place and not adjusting it over time.”

Data can help marketers understand the impact of their creativity and this link becomes a valuable tool for influencing organisational buy-in.

“This process is completely dynamic and the underlying metrics tell an unbelievable story and what you learn is going to really open the eyes of the board,” Souers said.

The role of marketers has ballooned from just creating brilliant content and has moved far beyond managing an engaged ideas department, to delivering consistent, on-brand messaging and effective execution, he said.

“The CMO has to strike a balance between the left and right brain.”

“As people move up in a company, they’ve got to start measuring metrics and managing so many different moving pieces and channels,” said Souers.

Innovative marketers are the ones who can incorporate these new responsibilities with traditional marketing roles. In fact, the left brain considerations mesh well with right brain creativity and are key to unlocking actionable insights.

According to Souers, leaders are doing just that. They are the ones realising that creative content and campaigns must be balanced with “grown up marketing challenges” like metrics, resources and brand consistency.

“It’s a living, breathing activity and the key is to make your colleagues understand just how fascinating it all is.”

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Sean Campbell is a solutions consultant for Aprimo. He has worked with leading brands in the US, Europe, and APAC, helping them to transform their marketing operations. Andrew Birmingham is the director of the Which-50 Digital Intelligence Unit, of which Aprimo is a Corporate Member. Our members provide their insights and expertise for the benefit of the Which-50 community. Membership fees apply.


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