The characteristics of successful CMOs are changing, according to Aprimo Chief Executive John Stammen.

During a recent visit Australia, Stammen told Which-50 that the demands for ROI from executive teams, along with the complexity of marketing and the need to manage an ever-growing array of channels, meant that marketing leaders needed to suit up and speak the language of business.

“They have to manage a a lot of complexity within their organisations. There are multiple marketing teams comprised of traditional, digital, and social teams, and those teams need to collaborate with multiple agencies to get more content campaigns out on all the various channels.”

He said that the typical marketing manager in the US has to concern themselves with up to 25 or 30 channels. “Right here in Australia, the average amongst the leading brands is 23 channels that they’re marketing through to capture consumer or business demand. So the role of the CMO and the head of marketing has changed to be more metrics-based.”

According to Stammen, “The CMO today is much more of a business and brand person that’s driving the mix of marketing appropriately through all the channels.”

He said that for marketers to have a seat at the leadership table like the CFO or the CIO, they need to bring a clear understanding of what’s happening in marketing.

“How many activities or campaigns are current in plan? What campaigns are in market? What’s the return on those campaigns? What does the marketing calendar look like? It’s amazing to me that many CMOs don’t have those answers.”

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