Chatbots and the conversations they facilitate are creating troves of new customer data. Leaders are already using this data to create opportunities for marketing, according to James Kraeutler, VP of the ISV and technology alliance program at Genesys.

However, successfully leveraging these new marketing opportunities requires avoiding a common technology bugbear: silos.

Kraeutler told Which-50 tech giants had lowered the barriers to entry on data analysis, allowing smaller players to capture and explore the data collected during chatbot/customer conversations.

That conversation data — potentially every word spoken between customers and agents — can then be used in marketing efforts, often with the added bonus of revealing strong consumer intentions, according to Kraeutler.

“There’s an incredible amount of hunger from outside the organisation — from outside the contact centre, outside IT — to leverage this data in really new and interesting ways.”

One scenario offered by Kraeutler is customers displaying intentions to purchase — something that can be identified by analysing conversation data. The information, when used by marketers, quickly becomes actionable in martech and adtech, according to Kraeutler.

“I can leverage the fact that I know someone was interested in a particular product or service to then deliver them an advertisement on that product or service and keep that purchase intent alive.”

It’s similar to monitoring consumers’ browsing behaviour, but Kraeutler argues the data is more reliable and effective.

“The real opportunity here is to do the exact same [remarketing] but in a much more high-intent channel.”

However, success requires a platform approach to chatbot implementation — where the technology is not restricted to one area of the business.

Kraeutler advises organisations to consider using several bots, based on use cases and understanding how they integrate with other areas of the business, including human customer service agents.

More importantly, a flexible platform approach is required, according to Kraeutler.

“Sometimes customers go into it thinking ‘I’m going to invest all of my effort in this one technology or this one direction’ and they’ll find that doesn’t solve all their needs as time goes on.

“Remember, this is a new technology. This is a new area and it’s really evolving quickly.”

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