Out of sync asset libraries are producing inconsistent brand messages and undermining the customer experience, according to Tarun Chawla, Aprimo’s director of product strategy, integrations and business intelligence. However, proper digital asset management can provide demonstrable ROI and eliminate the customer experience gap, Chawla said.

“If those [asset] libraries are out of sync, you’ll have different messaging coming out on your web channel, your digital channel, your email channel and your print channel.”


“Your customers are getting bombarded by two different messages or two different marketing strategies. And that leads to the Customer Experience Gap,” Chawla explained.

The solution, according to Chawla, is to use one centralised digital asset management system. It must be flexible and intuitive enough to allow for different users within organisations, but also maintain a consistent record structure, he said. Ultimately it helps deliver a consistent brand message.

“When it really comes into play is when you talk about asset consumption,” Chawla said.

“A good flexible structure that allows people to find assets quickly and easily in a meaningful way to them is what’s key.”

Also, when digital asset management is tied to campaign execution systems, or other downstream systems in the martech stack, it allows brands a better understanding of their ROI.

“A big part of marketing is making sure you can understand how your campaigns are actually performing, and even more importantly be able to measure that against the spend on those campaigns so you can understand the ROI that you’re actually receiving.”

Once the ROI picture becomes clearer, brands can redistribute funds to top performing “campaigns and content that are delivering the greatest ROI,” Chawla said. Fully leveraging the strategy and remaining agile requires integrated systems of asset creation, management and distribution. The payoffs are consistent brand messages, improved customer experiences, and clearly demonstrable ROI.

About the author

Sean Campbell is a solutions consultant for Aprimo. He has worked with leading brands in the US, Europe, and APAC, helping them to transform their marketing operations. Andrew Birmingham is the director of the Which-50 Digital Intelligence Unit, of which Aprimo is a Corporate Member. Our members provide their insights and expertise for the benefit of the Which-50 community. Membership fees apply.


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