Vend Goes Big With New Ecommerce Partner

Australasian retail management software company, Vend, announced a partnership with e-commerce platform BigCommerce, which it says will give tens of thousands of independent retailers around the globe access to more customers, and greater choice about how they run their business.

This deal is designed to deliver an easier, more profitable way for SMB and fast growing mid-sized retailers to compete with big businesses.

It does this by providing the potential to reach billions more customers through new social media and online sales channels, while managing the day-to-day store operations with seamless sync of sales, products, customers, and inventory in real time.

The company claims a range of benefits to retailers of this new partnership including;

  • Opening new sales channels, including Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and online marketplaces, like Amazon or eBay, while sales and inventory stay in sync.
  • Boosting profits; retailers using Vend with BigCommerce will get deeper insights into what’s selling best and where for smarter purchasing decisions.
  • Instantly identifying sales trends to compare the performance of online and brick-and-mortar stores, track sales, margins and inventory.
  • Tailoring inventory displays by fulfilling stock between locations or combining inventory from selected stores and warehouses to sell online.
  • Centralised operations for managing sales, customers, and inventory while physical and online stores update in real time.
  • Small businesses can access the retail technology and support that much larger enterprise companies pay millions of dollars for.

Vend Country Manager for Australia, Dave Scheine said, “The way consumers shop is changing faster than any other time in history. The competitive retail landscape is more complex and challenging than ever, but there is a massive opportunity for independent retailers around the globe to tap into technology to run their business more profitably.”

Scheine said with this partnership Vend retailers can access sales, staff, and inventory for all their stores anytime, while creating additional sales opportunities via Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, eBay, Amazon and Google Shopping.

BigCommerce Chief Development Officer, Russell Klein, said the company has an extensive network of industry-leading partnerships that further enhance its product offering.

“By partnering with Vend, BigCommerce is adding a world-class POS provider to our partner ecosystem, enabling us to better service the growing community of brick-and-mortar retailers around the world that are looking for a robust SaaS offering that supports both online and offline sales.”

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