After what it claims was a successful trial, v2 announces the national roll out of its newest plant based product innovation, v2sausages which are now available at Coles and Woolworths.

The growing focus on sustainability is leading to greater interest in plant-based meat alternatives around the world. And as this chart from McKinsey demonstrates, there is a serious cost incentive as well with culture meat costing 50 to 100 times more than alternatives.

According to a spokesperson for v2, “Expertly crafted with v2’s signature plant-based protein, onion, garlic, thyme and parsley, v2sausages deliver the flavour and texture Aussies love, made from the sustainable goodness of plants. The plant-based sausages have also been designed to sizzle and pop on the BBQ like a traditional snag.”

v2food launched into the plant-based protein sector back in 2019. Since then it has since debuted its flagship v2mince and v2burgers which is claims look, taste, and cook like meat in a host of retailers including Drakes, Coles, and Woolworths.

“We have an enormous challenge at our doorstep; we need a plan for how we’re going to sustainably feed a growing population that is marching towards 10 billion people. We’re on a mission to help diversify the world’s protein supply with tasty and sustainable options, and the national roll out of v2sausages is our next step towards achieving this in Australia. From the classic barbeque, to a delicious sausage casserole, our snags come served with a side of sustainability,” said Nick Hazell, v2food founder and CEO.

“Whether you’re trying to cut back on meat to preserve the planet — or you’re just curious about plant-based options — v2 is making it easy and accessible for Aussies to give it a go without missing out on the flavours they’ve come to know and love. Sausages are a quintessential Australian classic, and we look forward to seeing how people incorporate them into their weekly meals.

Image source: Photo by Colton Jones on Unsplash

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