The University of Southern Queensland has used personalised video technology as part of a marketing campaign to engage with prospective students and raise brand awareness.

The video, delivered via email campaign, greeted prospective students by name, provided course information and calls to action for students to preference USQ higher.

The personalised video email campaign deployed by the University of Southern Queensland was delivered to 4,660 applicants. During the course of this project USQ found that eDM performed above industry benchmarks in terms of open rates (73.20 per cent vs 37.36 per cent) and click through rates (40.93 per cent vs. 7.04 per cent).

Helen Nolan, Executive Director, Marketing & Student Attraction at the University of Southern Queensland said the regional university had been looking for new innovative ways to engage prospective students.

“We are a regional university and our big cousins in the capital cities have much bigger marketing budgets than us. For us we have to be innovative otherwise we are going to get lost,” Nolan told Which-50.

“We saw the project as a new way for USQ to approach a traditional campaign. The modern consumer demands a highly personalised experience in any media they consume, and in order to influence their purchasing behaviour, the personalised video, tailored to the individual based off university data, was seen as a great option for USQ and aligned perfectly with the University’s brand.”

With more than 75 per cent of its students studying via distance or online, the regional university is no stranger to using video or email to communicate with students. But USQ was looking for ways to truly personalise engagement through those channels.

The technology, built by Pitney Bowes, is a video solution that allows users to input information and receive relevant information and calls to action.

“Personalisation is a major factor of modern marketing, and consumers are demanding a more personalised experience than ever before. It is becoming imperative for organisations to deliver marketing material tailored to their target audience’s interests, behaviours and desires. The higher education sector is no different,” Nolan said.

The welcome message for USQ’s personalised video campaign.
The campaign used university data to tailored individual videos.
Interactive calls to action are included in USQ’s personalised video campaign.
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