Friday, March 6th was the last day of “normal” enterprise app usage before global workforces piled into video conferences, VPNs and collaboration tools.  

That’s according to figures from Okta, which draws on millions of authentications from its customers around the world and more than 6,500 app integrations to identify the most popular and fastest-growing apps in the enterprise. 

Last week Okta released a mid-year [email protected] (from Home) report to understand how organisations are using new apps and increasing adoption of existing technology to improve productivity and secure their remote workforce during the COVID-19 crisis. 

Beginning on Monday, March 9, 2020 there was an upward trend of usage for Citrix ADC, Cisco Webex, RingCentral, Zoom, PaloAlto Networks Global Connect, and Cisco AnyConnect. 

According to the report, the categories with the biggest uptick in usage include video-conferencing, network security tools, online learning, IT help, and collaboration.

Of those, the fastest growing app was Zoom, which experienced a massive 110 per cent growth in unique workforce users in March over February 2020. For comparison, Zoom grew only 6 per cent during that same time period in 2019, according to Okta data. 

VPN apps Palo Alto Networks GlobalProtect and Cisco AnyConnect grew 95 per cent and 86 per cent respectively. 

New security concerns have also lifted the use of Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA). According to the report, Okta Verify has shown the most growth in the percentage of unique users per day, hovering at around an 80 per cent increase over 28 days prior. SMS, voice, Google Authenticator, Symantec VIP, and YubiKey have all had a roughly similar growth trajectory.

Source: Okta [email protected] (from Home)

The fastest growing apps were determined by the percentage increase in the number of unique users who logged in at least once during a 30-day period ending March 31 compared to a 30-day period ending February 29. 

Fastest Growing Apps and Tools by Unique Users (from February to March 2020):

  • Zoom, with 110% growth in unique users (for comparison, Zoom grew only 6% during that same time period in 2019) 
  • PaloAlto Networks GlobalProtect, with 94% growth in unique users (for comparison, PANW GP grew 20% during that same period in 2019)
  • Cisco AnyConnect, with 86% growth in unique users
  • Citrix ADC, with 56% growth in unique users
  • Proofpoint (security awareness training), with 40% growth in unique users
  • RingCentral, with 39% growth in unique users
  • Cisco Webex, with 37% growth in unique users
  • FreshService, with 25% growth in unique users
  • LinkedIn Learning, with 23% growth in unique users
  • Proofpoint, with 22% growth in unique users
  • Docusign, 20% growth in unique users
  • Slack, with 19% growth in unique users
  • Quip, with 15% growth in unique users
  • Smartsheet, with 14% growth in unique users
  • Zscaler, with 14% growth in unique users
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