The University of NSW (UNSW) is implementing Adobe Experience Cloud as part of a five-year deal to overhaul its digital ecosystem and improve its integrated marketing capabilities and personalised communications.

The partnership will turn UNSW’s complex digital ecosystem into a single-view platform to improve digital experiences for its students, researchers, faculty and alumni.

UNSW said it aims to boost its existing set of marketing, web, and media analytics tools. It will consolidate 2,200 websites which use 12 different content management systems, plus hundreds of social media handles, to generate audience insights across the customer journey.

Martin Hoegh-Guldberg, Head of Digital Experience, UNSW said, “Over the years, we’ve expanded our digital ecosystem in an effort to communicate our many services to various audiences and stakeholders without prioritising user experience and audience insights.

“To be a top-ranked university, we need to offer intuitive and personalised experiences to our audiences to remain globally competitive and keep pace with the digitally transforming landscape. The key to this is creating a consistent and meaningful experience for all and the Adobe platform will provide this.”

Adobe Analytics will analyse web traffic, and anonymous data based on browse behaviour and preferences of a diverse student, academic and staff base.

UNSW said this will allow them to effectively design, execute, manage and optimise cross-channel campaigns that deliver personalised and engaging experiences to meet the rapidly evolving expectations of new digital native audiences.

Suzanne Steele, Managing Director of Adobe Australia and New Zealand said, “At Adobe, we understand the important role technology plays in enhancing student experiences in today’s competitive landscape.

“We are delighted to partner with UNSW to address the evolving needs of students by driving more engaging, rewarding, and satisfying experiences.”

In implementing Adobe Experience Cloud, UNSW will access an integrated marketing solution to further recruitment and communications across the University. It will be able to build campaigns, manage advertising, and gain deeper audience intelligence to boost recruitment of students and world-leading staff and researchers.

Adobe said the unified apps within Adobe Experience Cloud will enable UNSW to develop customer profiles and centralised assets that enhance the quality of experiences on offer and create a closer community.

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