Unifii’s Digital Experience Platform has been selected by SME challenger bank Judo Bank to enable face-to-face relationship banking that it says will shake up Australia’s banking status quo.

The Unifii platform, delivered “as-a-service”, allows Judo Bank to replace multiple technology stacks with a single, APRA-approved cloud platform, the company said. This provides a full suite of customer-facing tools, including the Judo Bank website, an advanced virtualised customer messaging system, front office and back office process automation, and seamless integration with core banking and CRM.

The technical challenges facing banks through the Open Banking initiative, regulatory change and security concerns is something that naturally lend itself to cloud-based technology, said Unifii CEO Stuart Cameron.

“Unifii’s Digital Experience Platform is the result of nine years of continued development and innovation from Unifii. Australia is a challenging environment for any bank, particularly with Open Banking on the horizon. Remaining agile and secure, whilst also not putting up unnecessary barriers for customers to overcome, is something that naturally lends itself to cloud-based technology like Unifii, and will allow the banks to focus on providing the level of service their customers expect,” Cameron said.

“We’re immensely proud to be able to provide an Australian-based solution for Judo Bank, and look forward to working with them to challenge the banking status quo in our country.”

“Utilising cloud-based technology is a key differentiator for Judo. With Unifii, we have removed the technical and operational limitations plaguing traditional banks, to deliver a cutting-edge face-to-face relationship banking service that is fast and easy to use,” said Alex Twigg, Chief Technology Officer at Judo Bank.

“Unifii’s Digital Experience Platform is a perfect match for our ‘judo strategy’ of outmaneuvering the incumbent banks by leveraging the smarts of modern technology to allow Aussie businesses to get the funding and the service they deserve.”

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