The Chatter Report: a global digital consumer survey, the most socially engaged companies, big data and BYOD Accenture’s global digital consumer survey, Forrester’s views on BYOD and big data, a McKinsey report into how governments can help startups, and a LinkedIn study into socially engaged companies were the big research

Is this the future of retail – permanent rolling global discounts As massive online sales days like Cyber Monday in the US, Singles Day in China and even Click Frenzy in Australia take hold, a new risk emerges for retailers – a world of permanent rolling global discounting. Australia’s retailers,

Consumers sit at the heart of the digital revolution. We know from McKinsey’s research that the benefits of digital disruption accrue mostly to the consumer, not the disrupter. And we can see how companies that put customer utility and experience at the heart of their business have been able to

Why marketing increasingly feels like rocket science In the evolving and expanding digital market, today’s marketer is facing greater demands for new skills to complement their traditional expertise. Survey results from the recent ADMA Global Forum point to the increasing complexities in today’s marketing department — the vast majority of

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With attribution, a little learning goes a long way Marketers are struggling to turn attribution insights into action particularly during their initial efforts.  Partly that reflects the maturity of their experience, as many marketers embrace very elementary approaches to measurement to begin with. The good news according to a study

If you are embarking upon a truly transformative digital project, you might need to ditch the idea of a formal business case altogether. Meanwhile, tactical investments in emerging technology might be better considered as venture capital investments than traditional OpEx or CapEx projects. But tell your CFO to relax —

The world’s largest advertising retargeting platform — AdRoll — has secured $US70 million in funding in a round lead by Foundation Capital and which includes investors such as Institutional Venture Partners (IVP), Northgate Capital, Performance Equity and Glenmede. With the new money secured, priorities include cross-device integration and further global

Retweet Report: If Tweets were bucks Zayn Malik would be a gazillionaire Boy band royalty and One Direction stalwart Zayn Malik called time on his involvement in one of Twitter’s biggest conversation starters, and predictably the microblogging network went into meltdown. The only surprising thing was that the 1D shocker

Rise of the machines: The digital research Chatter Report Michael Knight meets Dick Tracey this week as driverless cars and internet watches dominate the online chit chat around the latest digital research.  McKinsey &Co released their latest views on self driving cars, saying the benefits will be dramatic, while Forrester