Fintech platform revenues derived from supporting the insurance industry will reach almost $235 billion globally by 2021 according to new analysis by Juniper Research. That represents a  34 per cent y-o-y from an estimated $175 billion this year. Juniper says growth will be driven by a combination of factors including: Machine Learning

Oracle has appointed Rob Willis as Regional Managing Director for Oracle Australia and New Zealand. Willis, who started work with Oracle yesterday, is the former the Vice President of Japan and Asia Pacific for Citrix Systems and replaces Tim Ebbeck who left the company in June. He will be responsible

Britain’s banker’s are worried, and they are not alone. In the UK half of all UK business leaders fear that their industries will face significant digital disruption within just the next two years, with Finance executives the most concerned. But still, bosses are failing to act. (Before you get too cocky

REA Group, the company in charge of leading property portal realestate.com.au, has posted a 20 per cent full-year profit increase due to strong revenue growth in the Australian and Asian markets. The ASX-listed company, which is majority-owned by News Corp, reported a 21 per cent uplift in revenue to $671

Digital commerce exemplars don’t merely convert their product catalogues into ecommerce sites and mobile commerce applications. Leaders in commerce achieve success by disrupting the customer buying journey itself, starting with understanding that journey. The interactions that stand out employ four critical capabilities—automation, personalization, contextualization and innovation—to create “sticky” experiences that

This article is the latest in the series of AdTech reviews. This time the spotlight was turned to Data Management Platforms (DMPs). Specifically, the subgroup of platforms that can verify the audiences that have been exposed to digital ad-campaigns. For example: this technology verifies if an audience is mostly male or

A newly appointed Chief Marketing Officer recently asked for my opinion about his firm’s content marketing. He was surprised when I questioned whether his new employer understands the meaning of the term. Content Marketing. It’s one of the most over-used buzzwords yet the Marketing Dictionary, published by Oxford University Press,

A clear cross-device strategy is more important than ever. While there are increasingly more smartphone users and tablet owners, most digital consumers are not necessarily planning on replacing one type of device with another. Rather, they are using multiple access points to get online. On average, 67 per cent of

Unsurprisingly, publishers aren’t keen on ad-blockers, and some such as Wired have attempted to demonstrate the hardships when a reader has an ad-blocker turned on. It has sparked debate on whether it’s a good thing or a bad thing for the creative industry, but for publishers it means consumers —

The Sydney Opera House has signed a two-year deal with Adobe to utilise its Marketing Cloud, which will form a key piece of infrastructure for the iconic company’s digital transformation. The deal extends a relationship already built on Creative Cloud across a range of design-led projects. The Opera House is