Uber has selected Expedia’s Dara Khosrowshahi to be its new CEO, ending a contentious two-month search, The New York Times is reporting.

But reports are suggesting the much-scrutinised ride hailing service may be making a hash of the appointment as well.

Khosrowshahi will replace former CEO Travis Kalanick, who resigned from the position in June following a damming report on the company’s culture problems under his leadership, including sexism and sexual harassment. Kalanick remained on the board.

The Uber board had been leaning towards Meg Whitman, chief of Hewlett Packard Enterprises, but “matters changed over the course of Sunday afternoon”, according to The New York Times.

Those “matters” may have included Whitman’s insistence on more board control and less involvement from Kalanick, according to recode.

“That became too problematic for the directors,” said a report in Recode.

The other candidate remaining in the search was former General Electric Chief Jeffrey R. Immelt. However, Immelt withdrew after it became apparent he did not have the required support, according to reports.

That left Khosrowshahi and the relatively simple process of offering him the job. However, according to Recode’s sources, he is yet to be offered the job. He is widely expected to take it and end the “dysfunctional” search process, Recode reported.

“Most expect him to take it and he appears to be the one person duelling factions of the board can agree on.”

The holdup is due to Uber wanting to notify employees first, according to a board spokeswoman who emailed Reuters.

“The board has voted and will announce the decision to the employees first.”

Khosrowshahi has served as Expedia CEO since 2005 and was CEO of IAC travel prior to that.

He will face the unenviable task of cleaning up a company whose public perception has plummeted and is rapidly ceding business to rival ride-hailing company Lyft.


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