Digital transformation is something of a misnomer. It suggests that there is an end state you hit once the transformation is done. Not so, according to Niklas Zillinger, Experience Design Lead, SapientRazorfish.

According to Zillinger, “Once your new technologies, designs and processes are in place it’ll be on them to continuously optimise your customer’s experience and to deliver on it.”

Indeed this is a keen theme he will cover in his presentation to the Adobe Symposium in Sydney this week.

With transformation more akin to the pursuit of happiness — a journey and not a goal — staff engagement is critical to the outcome.

“The success of your digital transformation depends on how well you bring your people on this journey.”

Zillinger says that the term digital transformation has been en vogue for a while now, but the focus is usually on technology and customer data. “The reality is that the people within an organisation are the key enabler, which has direct implications for internal and external partners and their respective way of working.”

Niklas Zillinger, experience design lead, SapientRazorfish
Niklas Zillinger, Experience Design Lead, SapientRazorfish

SapientRazorfish helps companies reimagine how they can organise, connect and thrive in the connected world through a radically customer-centric approach, he says. “By focusing on the customer via radical customer-centricity, we are able to transform the whole enterprise, bringing together digital strategy and innovation, customer experience, marketing modernisation, IT modernisation, commerce and data and artificial intelligence.”

He also suggested that as people’s expectations evolve with every new digital experience, companies are on the lookout to deliver authentic, engaging experiences to their own customers.

Furthemore,  Zillinger recommends taking a no-silo, enterprise-wide view of both the experience of the customer and the digital operations critical to make it efficient and effective.

“That’s why Adobe is a critical partner for us as we help take businesses on their transformation journey,” he said.

In my role as the Experience Design Lead in Sydney, I work closely with both our clients and our partner Adobe to drive experiences that transcend digital interfaces and deliver value for the customer and the business in return.”

Asked about his priorities for next year, Zillinger said a key goal was to evolve SapientRazorfish  experience design services to meet today’s client needs for design thinking at scale.

This requires empowering our team to consult clients along their transformational journey while enabling their organisations to establish customer centric collaboration and deliver personalised experiences.”

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