Motorola Solutions has outlined three key ways it expects to take advantage of the next generation of mobile networks, leveraging the speed and low latency of 5G to increase capabilities around video, IoT and user experience. 

Speaking at the company’s Critical Communications World event in Kuala Lumpur, Paul Steinberg, Motorola Solutions’ SVP of technology outlined the three 5G opportunities.

Firstly is through integrating and adjusting media. Steinberg said the company is working on this so more video can be brought into command centres. Motorola Solutions provides the telecommunication infrastructure in emergency response command centres and wants to increase the amount of video content they can accomodate.

“Being able to manage the video, manage the greater service in the video, and perhaps most importantly, in a command centre, or an incident scene setting and operational. This allows us to move a lot more data,” he said.

Secondly, taking advantage of the scale of remote internet, Internet of Things and connectivity.

He said the company is building the data platform to ingest and access disparate and copious amounts of data.

Steinberg explained, “The data may be law enforcement, or public safety generated data, the data may be private enterprise data, it may be thinking smart data.

“So being able to bring in all of this data from other sources, whether it’s video camera, is wireless from an enterprise, or whether it’s a smart building that has fire sensors in it. Bring all that in and use it as an operational picture as well.”

Lastly, Motorola will continue to push into its user experiences leveraging new capabilities like AR and VR.

“This depends on the low latency, the bandwidth around it, so that we can enrich the user experience and the interaction of it.”

Steinberg said from those three points, the first two are a natural progression and the third is more of a step up.

5G capabilities

Steinberg explained to attendees it may take a few more years before consumers are able to experience the full capabilities of 5G.

He said, “I think for the practical applications of 5G to catch up on this capacity, we’re talking about probably a couple years, before you get devices built that actually take advantage of it.

“If you get enough build out and enough devices seeded throughout that you can actually see the higher capacities.

Steinberg said there will be more talk of 5G capabilities in the press and through marketing.

4G was similar, he explained where it first arrived but wasn’t immediately useful.

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