The day has arrived for your webinar. However, the work of generating the strongest ROI is just getting started.

The second webinar in our Maximising Webinar ROI miniseries will show brands plan how to build the strongest engagement during the event.

During the series we will draw on evidence found in the data from the 2020 ON24 Webinar Benchmarks Report, in which 6520 webinars were analysed between January and December 2019, to help understand customer engagement.

We also polled Which-50’s readers separately, to understand what attracts them to register and engage in webinars.

To get ready for W-day, you need to know what your customers expect, what represents a great webinar to them, and what do they do next. 

You will also learn how you can build and maintain engagement throughout the webinar, so the brand is in the best position to maintain the relationship when the webinar is over. 

What the stats tell us

The optimal webinar length depends on the topic, content, audience and the program’s goals. The majority of webinars last for around an hour, but can easily exceed that if they cover a particularly complex issue.

According to the webinar benchmarks report, the average viewing time was 55 minutes, including the questions at the end. 

Conversion rates

A key component of a webinar is converting registrations into attendance. The report indicated that a 35 to 45 per cent conversion rate is considered to be good. The average registrant to attendee conversion rate for APAC was 55 per cent. 

For events with more than 100 attendees, the average conversion rate was 41 per cent. 

During the webinar, it is imperative that you keep your attendees engaged — not only to help them learn as much as possible but to reduce the risk of early drop-offs. Data shows that top performers incorporate a larger number of elements into their webinars — from surveys and polls to embedded assets and personalised content.

According to the report, of those who ran webinars last year, 77 per cent used Q&A, 58 per cent had resources for download, 55 per cent had surveys, and 18 per cent used social media. 

Video is one of the most effective forms of content you can use to convey your message, and adding video to webinars has been proven to increase audience engagement and viewing times. 

Making sure your viewers are engaged through snappy presentations and incorporating tools like Q&A are just a few ways to make your webinars more captivating. 

Register for the series here. Episode two is held on 27 May 2020.

About the author

Athina Mallis is the editor of the Which-50 Digital Intelligence Unit of which ON24 is a corporate member. Members provide their insight and expertise for the benefit of the Which-50 community. Membership fees apply. 


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