The Monday Retweet Report: Maybe it’s the way she walked (aww)

Here is everything you need to understand about Twitter and engagement in Australia: this week eight of the top ten retweets involved boy bands or boy singers — mostly One Direction or Justin Bieber or Troye Sivan. (And that’s after we excluded all things #5SOS to see what would happen). This is pretty much how it looks every week, unless the news cycle goes ballistic.

Each Monday, KINSHIP digital and Which-50 take the pulse of the Australian Twittersphere and reveal the most-retweeted links in the country over the last seven days (Saturday to Friday). This week Australians once again retweeted 2.3 million times — a result entirely consistent with last week.

And, like last week, boy bands held sway over the local Twittersphere — but this time to a much more considerable extent. Of the top 20 retweets — and despite excluding any references to #5SOS, fully eight of the top ten local retweets came with gimlet-eyed, pre-pubescent fandom attached. The account of One Direction fan girl and Niall Horan obsessive Mrs Horan provided the source for five of the top eight retweets in Australia last week. (Go get ’em, girlfriend!)

Actually, this is kind of interesting and a good lesson in virality. Her 716 followers totally pwned Justin Bieber’s 53 million followers when it came to lighting a fire under the Twittersphere.

Bieber picked up two other top retweets, and emerging heart throb Troye Sivan — you heard it here last — rounded out the list.

Kudos to Andrew’s 12-year-old son for filling us in on the details.

While the top eight spots were remarkably consistent (and impenetrable for anyone over the age of 14), the back half of the top 20 proved much more eclectic.

The first non-boy-band tweet concerned the 58–40 win by the Australian Diamonds netball team (Go Diamonds!) over their Kiwi counterparts (The Silver Ferns) at the Commonwealth Games. The original tweet came from the official Australian Diamonds Twitter account.

Some description

(Image source: Twitter)

As befits all Australian sporting success, the accompanying image was suitably understated.

Once again local and international politics — particularly the conflict in Gaza — occupied a lot of tweet time.

On the local front, Joe Hockey was provided with a character reference by Melbourne lawyer Josh Bornstein, who tweeted “I must inhabit another planet. Hockey criticizes business advocacy groups as weaker than before. #auspol” The original tweet was unavailable when we checked, so we are not sure to what he was referring.

Opposition leader Bill Shorten scored a gong, with his tweet marking the 40th anniversary of the creation of Medibank by the Whitlam government also rating highly. There were appeals in Arabic to the Twittersphere to help raise money for a sick child, a magical exchange between Twitter Malfoy and Twitter Snape, and the occasional tweet which we won’t dignify with publicity.

Finally, a story about ducklings being used to cheer up a girl in a hospital bed in 1956 made the grade. It was posted by History in Pictures. Presumably this is social media’s version of the ‘Talking Dog’ story.

Who to follow (but seriously you don’t have to)

@5SOS: Twitter account of Aussie boy band 5 Seconds of Summer — 4.066 million followers.

@vhiiahoran: Mrs Horan, serious One Direction fangirl (Go girl!) — 716 followers.

@justinbieber: Justin Bieber, “singer”, dated an Aussie once — 53.4 million followers.

@troyesivan: Actor, singer, emerging heartthrob — 1.67 million followers.

@AussieDiamonds: Official account of the Australian Netball team (Go Diamonds!) — 16,500 followers.

@JoshBBornstein: Josh Bornstein, lawyer and apparently not a fan of Joe Hockey — 4705 followers.

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