The modern webinar has come a long way from basic presentation tool or a “talking power point,” according to Mark Bornstein VP of marketing at On24.

Speaking during the third Webinar World hosted by On24 earlier today, Bornstein noted audiences are consuming content in new and different ways.

He explained audiences are looking for different types of experience in their professional world, that more closely mirrors what they experience in their personal lives.

“They’re binging on content, they expect to be educated and expect to learn things, but increasingly they want to be entertained.

“They want to connect, they want a more authentic approachable human experience and that is why increasingly our prospects are turning to webinars. They have said webinars are the number one way in which companies want to experience our brands.”

More than a presentation

Webinars are more than just a presentation, they have become an engagement-driven experience and most importantly a uniquely human experience. 

“It’s not just Q&A at the end, audiences are completely engaged with the presenters, with the experience, with each other.

Mark Bornstein, VP marketing at On24

“It’s a multitouch content experience, we are not just using webinars to deliver a presentation, we are using webinars to create experiences that people can download and touch. Lots of different content in lots of different ways,” he said.

Bornstein said the word “webinar” is misleading as what it’s really about is creating and building immersive and engaging digital experiences.

“When I talk about what a webinar has become, I call it an engagement-driven experience. A really great webinar today, is a webinar that is completely immersive.”

Bornstein explained it is only through creating deep human experiences, that we change things.

“Marketers are the ones that are going to figure out how to move us from digital spam to digital experiences then to more human experiences,” he said.

Those who participate in webinars aren’t looking at downloading content or visiting websites, they would prefer engaging in webinars.

Bornstein referenced research firm Sirius Decisions who said “webinars are all the top rated touch points for buyers today”.

He said, “Our buyers, our prospects have voted, they have made their choice. They are no longer looking to download your 20 page white paper that you put so much time into. They’re not going to spend that much time on our websites anymore.”

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