The explosive growth in smartphones is ending as the market finds its level

Are we coming to the end of the explosive growth phase for mobility. New figures from research analysts IDC certainly seems to suggest all the characteristics of a maturing market.

Smartphone unit growth is expected to drop to below 20 per cent this year and decay further – into single digits in the years ahead.

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You will find more statistics at Statista

And market shares appear to be stablising around the 80/20 rule – with close to 80 per cent for Android and 20 per cent for everyone lese (of which Apple with IOS takes the bulk)

As web site Statista notes, Apple and Android have largely found their niches split between premium and volume.

“While Android is especially popular in the low-cost segment, Apple’s smartphones still have the highest ASP by far. IDC expects an ASP of $649 for iPhones this year as opposed to $247 for Android devices.”

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