As a member of the online retailer, The Iconic’s executive team, Anna Lee, is at the forefront driving strategic growth plans and leading over 200 people in her role as the firm’s chief operating officer. Lee recently spoke to Which-50 about successful approaches she has led that allowed her firm to innovate, and how best to employ emerging technologies.

Lee said there are a vast array of innovative technologies available but at The Iconic their focus is on innovating to cater to the fundamental needs of their customer.

“At the heart of innovation is doing something you are already doing either differently or better. It’s all about changing your mindset to approach something more imaginatively and effectively,” Lee said.

“We like to test and learn, before rolling out new methods and features. As a business, we innovate by continually testing new updates to create the best shopping experience for our customers – from our Snap-to-Shop feature, which allows customers to image-search for similar items, to our one-hour delivery trial to new supply chain processes.”

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“We were the first to market with three-hour and Saturday delivery, and since then we have been continuously perfecting how we can do it better.

“This includes improving the process for customers to track their items to trialling Australia’s fastest delivery service with one-hour delivery at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia in May.”

Lee said the most common misconception about technology is that it is the silver bullet, and for a firm to be successful at innovation it first needs to build a constructive organisational culture. Lee is a firm believer in hiring the best talent and nurturing and developing them to achieve goals, which will enable them to harness new technologies in their roles.

“New technologies require ample investment in resourcing and knowledge of how to use them before they can be useful,” Lee said.

“At The Iconic, we embed this into our core values and principles by encouraging our employees to seek their own growth path.

“We do this in different ways, such as through our Learning Bank fund for people to use for personal and professional development, embedding coaching into on-the-job training, providing constant feedback and our Pet Project days where staff in a number of departments can spend this time focused on passion projects for ideas they have for improving the business.”

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